Premiere: Los Lopez – Come Over (Bird Of Paradise Remix)


Always busy with his binoculars, Jo remembered being told by his mam that no good would come of it. Beattie cried, "He gets an ology and he says he's failed. You get an ology you're a scientist…" Leaving his feathered friends to one side (having filled their feeders from Wilko's finest pound finds), he looked across the block-by-block tenament at the fun Al and Marco were having poolside. He had dabbled in other sciences, chemistry mainly, and he wondered if his acid re-take would garner interest from the vertiguous party being held across the communal spaces. He fiddled with his knobs, gaining respect from those that twitched their drapes. Noisy guitar buggers, he echoed his kick and kept the resonance of the residential area periodically refined.

Kezokichi Miyazaki's label comes into it's fourth single release and has a low-strung guitar feel and a "chug noir" direction that is currently de rigeur. This cut by Jo Howard AKA Bird Of Paradise takes the six strings, and sticks it up Roland's 'arris for an understated acid under-the-skin crawler.

Los Lopez – True Story is released by Blindetonation on 25th March 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE