Premiere: Les Yeux Orange – Midnight


The night was dark and the stars flickered with magnificent purpose. It was as if they were there to illuminate his beautiful vision as he stood atop the hillside. Looking out into the midnight air he began to wonder what made this city tick, was it the people and the buzz of the day by day? Was it the architecture and the elegance of the structures? Or was it the open space? The dense greenery of the sprawling parks and the twisting rivers which ran wild through the heart of the city? So many questions after dark, for now it was simply time to start anew. 

Les Yeux Orange are the good guys. Everybody knows this, they showcase and shine a light on some of the most innovative, forward thinking in dance and electronic music. However, they also work behind the scenes on their own. Good Plus is their label and a new EP awaits around the corner…

Listen below: