Premiere: Kurt Baggaley – Detect (Awanto 3 Remix)


The flickering lights illuminated the dull black screen, the shiny green patterns emblazoned upon the interface. The radar was looking out for passing planes, watching cautiously for the possibility that one might just fall back down to earth. The sky was pitch black but for the glimmering stars, yet even still the flying objects were uneasy to detect. Plotting their course across the void was no simple feat and the machines continued to whir and buzz loudly in the quiet office. 

Kurt Baggaley is set to release a new EP on Something Happening Somewhere. The Dutch record label has established itself as a creative force amidst the electronic music community, each release accompanied with cutting edge graphics and design. Listen to an Awanto 3 remix from the new EP below: 

Buy the release HERE

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