Premiere: Krista Papista – Aman Aman (Lokier Remix)


The choir sang with a haunting undertone. The mood had been dampened by the falling rain as they gathered in the field amidst the long green grass. Around them puddles were beginning to form and the sky had turned an ominous shade of mystical black. As they began to chant they braced themselves for what might come next. "Aman, Aman" they cried, to the heavens above. Bringing new life, a labour of love. 

Krista Papista is an artist who has consistently continued to capture our ears here at Ransom Note. She is reimagined by Lokier on a new self released EP below: 

Visit Krista Papista's site HERE.  Buy the release HERE

Krista Papista will be supporting The Garden at Scala on March 22nd. 

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