Free Download: Kito Jempere – Typewriter (Ptaki Remix)


Though typing away at a laptop may be much easier, there's a nostalgic element hidden deep within all of us who work with words that remembers typewriters with a fondness. Whether it's due to that typewriter song that we were subjected to as children or simply the pleasure of the noises each key made, and that beautiful 'ding' at the end of the line, you just can't beat a good old fashioned writing machine. They're the bees knees.

It looks as though Kito Jempere might just agree with us here as the name used for his most recent release is that of our favourite writing device. The version you're about to hear below is the Ptaki remix and you'll be sure to like it because we absolutely love it. Go on, give it a spin. Oh, and this is a free download so feel free to take it home with you;

Objects Remixes is out now via Fata Morgana. See Ptaki at Commune's party at Dance Tunnel on 23rd October – find out more here.