Premiere: Khun Fluff – Vinyan (Full Circle’s Lost In Translation Remix)


In my youth, the process of listening to music was a much more active one. I would close all of my blinds, turn my lights off, turn my music on through the speakers, lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. My mind would turn right and left, and I would slither through all of my thoughts as if I was in a sensory deprivation tank. Sometimes I would border on the edges of sleep, teetering between REM and wakefulness, at other times, I would let myself fall into those dreams influenced by the music… and what dreams they were.

Khun Fluff’s ‘Vinyan (Full Circle’s Lost In Translation Remix)’ is a welcome reminder of the importance of active listening and music-fuelled meditation. A trance-inducing take on the original—which was released as part of EP of Siamese Twins Records’ Vinyan V.A (ST๐๐๒) cassette last year—Full Circle’s remix begins with breathy pads and floating vocals that pan across the space, joined by harmonies and repetitions that invite transcendental movement. The space becomes more full and expansive before an acid synth-line takes over, met with sonic artefacts akin to otherworldly objects finding their home on earth. At last, a kick drum takes over, turning the ethereal groove into a trance-tinged number perfect for any 5am dancefloor.