Premiere: Kezokichi – Ess Tie


He dreaded the morning after the night before; he was no stranger to these feelings of melancholy and anxiety. Despite the knowledge of such impending doom, it never seemed to stop him, or anyone else he rubbed shoulders with for that matter. During those moments of elation, stints of euphoria and unrequited love, it all seemed worth it. But as with anything, what goes up must come down…

Following recent releases from Club Bizarre and Aurum Miles, Blindetonation boss Kezokichi steps up for the first time on his own imprint with two original tracks backed up by remixes from Freudenthal and Arthur Johnson. The Tokyo-based producer and DJ has built up a cult following through his distinct take on hypnotic electronic sounds via both his label and his own Back To Back events thrown during his time living in London. His new EP titled Ess Tie flaunts these signature sounds, moving through eerie, tripped-out rhythms, cosmic atmospheres and deep rugged bass lines.