Premiere: Kasper Bjørke – Klint (Marc Piñol Remix)


Roaring through the mean city streets had left him a broken man. The late night driving was at first a selfish thrill but now it had become a compulsion which he could not control. Under the cover of darkness he revved his engine and rocketed between the other vehicles moving hastily with reckless disregard. The energy was nothing like he had ever experienced before, the rush was unrivaled. Klint was veering dangerously close to the edge and soon his car might just crash. 

Kasper Bjorke signs off 2016 with 'Klint' which was arguably one of the most club orientated tracks from his mini LP 'Fountain Of Youth' which surfaced last summer. It is paired with remixes from immense talent and both Multi Culti and Hivern Discs have contributed. It is the Marc Pinol remix which we bring to you. Listen below: 

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