Premiere: Kamus & PinballSpider – Interlinked


The tunnel was long and the shimmering lights from up above were all that prevented them from being plunged into complete and total darkness. Each phase of the journey was intertwined and interlinked with a wave of anxiety for it was not safe for them here. Travelling through the outback of the countryside, beneath the towering mountains and through the wandering tunnels beneath the cliff face they began to wonder whether this trip had been such a good idea at all. All hell was about to break loose…

Kamus & PinballSpider are a duo from Glasgow who are set to self release a new EP which has been widely supported so far by the likes of Eclair Fifi, Assembler Code, Locked Club and Nite Fleit. It's a promising offer from a pair who look set to evolve. 

Listen below: