Premiere: Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s – My Sweet Machine


The huge sign that hung above the supermarket flickered on and off, some of the letters had broken over time, no longer spelling out the shop name correctly. Inside the air was icy cold, perfect working conditions for the metallic "life forms" that we call robots. Humans were no longer employed for menial tasks, this was a job for technology. Along the aisles they moved in unison, each action they made was swift and intentional. A chorus of automated voices rang through the supermarket, asking each customer "how can I help?" These were sweet machines, willing to help in anyway they could. 

Justin Robertson joins the healthy catalogue at Throne Of Blood with his Deadstock 33s project. The New York-based label, which was launched in 2006 by James Friedman and The Rapture, has welcomed a diverse group of artists from Bicep to Hardway Bros and Curses. Following previous releases for Optimo Music, Gomma and Skint, Robertson's EP brings together four chugging machine-funk tracks and a remix from Disco Halal boss Moscoman.