Premiere: Jose Manuel – Voices Of Africa (Mehmet Aslan Remix)


The cries echoed through the darkness on a hot, stormy night. The rain splattered upon the dusty floor and the tribe moved steadily forwards into the glow of the moonlight. They rejoiced in great glee at the falling sky, their cotton shirts soaked beneath the damp rain water. These were the voices of Africa which were missing from the traditional coverage in the 21st century. Too much time was spent buried in the past, in trials and tribulations of a proud and noble people. Tonight, the rain would cleanse such stereotypical despair. 

José Manuel's "Excursion Africanism" was arguably one of the highlights of last years musical calendar. Now the release has been remixed and who better to feature than Mehmet Aslan? Listen to his reinterpretation of "Voices Of Africa" below: 

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