Premiere: Ixna – Fun Fun Fun


The gallery was busy with onlookers and well wishers. They had come to watch the end of the performance and cheer abruptly when prompted. After all that was what was supposed to happen at all of these things wasn't it? Nothing but fun, fun, fun. The president stood in the stands with a wry smile, a distant gaze and a sense of unease at the spectacle before him. This was to be his proudest day in office, as his country marched onwards and upwards to victory. The heat of the night drew close…

Knotpop is a revelatory lost album of deviant new wave from San Fransisco duo Ixna. It is set for re-release by Concentric Circles, much to the delight of abstract pop weirdos and aficionados the world over. For fans of  Suicide, impLOG, Naffi, General Strike, Thick Pigeon and UnknownMix. Listen below: