Premiere: Iron Curtis – Psycho Dancer


The way he moved was fast and furious, gliding across the room with wild movements and an electric pace. He landed each step expertly in time yet at any given moment looked as if he might recklessly spin beyond control and crash. Some called him a psycho dancer, others believed he was once a ballerina who had lost his way. The music rattled and echoed in the small chamber as he leapt between the walls in time with the persuasive percussion and dazzling drums. This was his moment, it was beautiful in its relentless chaos. 

Iron Curtis is set to release a mini album split across two parts via way of Hudd Trax. The music featured is club built and dancefloor ready, however we chose perhaps one of the most pensive and reflective pieces on the new release to feature. It’s elegant and tasteful, subtle and harmonic. 

Listen below:

Buy the first part of the release HERE