Premiere: Iro Aka – Zukunft (Tapan Remix)


You’ve hit the open road. Slam that foot down! Speed away, this may be your only chance. Several cars quickly catching up behind you, an array of flashing lights creating a huge blur amid your back mirror. They know what you’ve done and if you don’t make your getaway now, you’re done. Hit your next left and then make for Nashville, you’ll lose them soon enough.

Barcelona-based duo Iro Aka have been tasked with delivering the first release on newly founded label Elephant Gait, calling upon Tapan And Anatolian Weapons for remix duties. Our pick is Tapan’s remix of ‘Zukunft’, who completely reimagines the original, converting it into a slow building tribal club track. The Belgrade production pair intelligently juxtapose polyrhythmic percussion lines with broken devilish vocals and siren-esque synth stabs, continuing to build the tension by employing dramatic vintage reverbs and an array of unpredictable arrangement techniques.