Premiere Inn: Round Up 29.07.16


PREMIERE: Bryan Ferry – Midnight Train (Idjut Boys House Mix)

There was a sombre ambience as the old train snaked its way through the mountains along the dusty track. The dim lights inside the carriage didn't allow much insight into what lay beyond the dense and blackened windows. A mist had risen around the train amidst the midnight hour and peace had fallen on board. Little sound could be heard but for the grumbling wheels against the steel. 

Bryan Ferry has been remixed by a talented roster of artists as part of a recent compilation forthcoming on BMG. Idjut Boys, Prins Thomas, Leo Zero and more all feature on the extensive release. It is with great pleasure that we present the Idjut Boys remix of 'Midnight Train'. Listen below: 

The LP is forthcoming.

PREMIERE: Paradise Forum – 'A One Way Ticket, Five Hundred Dollars & A Suit'

Quite often we write introductions for premieres featuring extravagant wordplays and tales incorporating they title of the track. However, given the circumstances this one makes a pretty good story in itself. Aptly named, 'A One Way Ticket, Five Hundred Dollars & A Suit', this one could mean anything anyone. Bring on the long track names. 

Up next on the exciting new label Sugarhouse steps Paradise Forum to deliver three sun kissed summer driven house tracks. This one has feel good dancefloor material written all over. Listen to that track with the long name below:

Buy the release HERE.  

PREMIERE: Anybody Anytime – Where The Head Goes (Ruff Mix)

His circuits were misfiring, the message was not sinking in and he could not escape this feeling of impending doom. Where the head goes was anyones guess, no man could really understand the inner complications of the hard wires that existed inside his tiny mind. He could only hope that soon he would be able to leave this maze. 

Secret Rave is emblazoned upon the cover of the latest EP to emerge from the art-aud camp. It includes four tracks from a variety of sources, some known, some unknown. It bangs. Listen to Anybody Anytime's 'Where The Head Goes' below: 

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PREMIERE: Solar Bears – Separate From The Arc (Andrew Weatherall Mix 1)

Far removed from the hierarchy and their strict moral compass they were. They would not enter the arc, seperate they would remain, soon all else would come undone and those inside would see the disasterous error of their ways. The arc was a place of misery and distorted realities. It was not real. They would remain seperate from the arc. 

Solar Bears are remixed by none other than Andrew Weatherall on a new ep for Sunday Best. The release comes following their latest album, Andrew steps up to deliver two alternate versions of 'Seperate From The Arc'. Listen below: 

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade – Like A Dream

It was but a beautiful vision, a fantastic fantasy, a bittersweet memory. Like a dream. 

This week saw the release of the debut record from Glasgow's 12th Isle camp which has been receiving support from the likes of Ruf Dug, Brian Not Brian, Antinote and beyond. The aesthetic of the label comes from Al White (Dj Crud) however, the latest incarnation to surface around the release is from long time label and visual collaborator Jamie Johnson. He creates a melancholy trip built of hallucinating patterns, shapes, sketches and sombre layers of texture. It sits perfectly alongside the music of Dices + Aem Rhythm Cascade. This is 'Like A Dream'. Watch below: 

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PREMIERE: Auntie Flo – Cape Malay Prayer (Mehmet Aslan Remix)

The group would join together in spiritual unity to chant, sing, dance and praise the one who looked down upon them from above. They had become accustomed to the ritual of the Cape Malay prayer, it was a humbling poem, a recital of peace, hope and strength. It was their very call to the one most high. Good things would come to them, they simply had to wait, for now. 

Following the release of 'Theory Of Flo' on Huntleys & Palmers, Auntie Flo is remixed on a new three track EP by Mehmet Aslan. Listen to his reinterpretation of 'Cape Malay Prayer' below: 

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PREMIERE: Fango – Cerebellum

Muscular activity had proven difficult to coordinate since the crash. It was a daily struggle, the rise in the morning, the fall at night, each memory was tinted with the hazy distorted noise of sirens and crashing metal. His cerebellum wouldn't allow his muscles to forget, or process what might come next. This was it now, the future, distorted as it might be. 

Fango has just unveiled a three track EP on Degustibus. The previous EP was well received having gained support from the likes of Giles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Dixon and more, this is expected to have similar results. Listen to 'Cerebellum' below: 

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Improvisation is the flavour of the day on the latest release from Stanky, and by gosh doesn't it lead to some very interesting music indeed.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Stanky – Difficult Child

'Difficult Child' is the product of late night experimentation as he leads us on a magnificent journey through the twilight hours. Ambient glitches, intriguing melody and the soundscapes of blackened skies lead for a transfixing listen. Watch the video for the title track 'Difficult Child' below: 

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PREMIERE: Eyes Of Others – When It Suits (Sordid Sound System Remix)

Inhaling deeply, she found it much easier to take a different view on what had happened. As the warm, slick vapours made their way from her lungs into her veins, she felt she had a greater scope on how she should respond to the news. As her limbs relaxed, and her thoughts slowed and simplified, she saw it just as he had. And the view was not pretty.

Coming on like a dubby bass heavy version of New Order's '586', the lazy syncopated percussion and smoothly sweet asexual duet provide a natural counterpoint. Invisible Inc's Sordid Sound System fill the relaxed shuffle with a mountain of wobbly spectres, hitting anything that pulses and keeping the tempo echoing and springing all over the room. 

Eyes Of Others – When It Suits will be released by Fear Of Failure on 1st August 2016. More details will be found HERE.

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