Premiere Inn: Round Up 29.04.16


Rosa Nievas – Nearly Lost You Though

The boat sailed off in to the distance as the pair stood side by side upon the shore. They held one anothers hands as they looked outwards upon the dark blue murky waters. The boat in the distance became but a mere shadow, a silhoutte against the golden sky. They had nearly lost one another at sea, now the island would save them, the yellow sands would swallow them up, and they would be home. 

Here is the latest release from the Scissor & Thread camp. It features a well known producer whom we cannot name, he has close affiliation with Smallville. Listen below: 

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Bolis Popul – Moon Theme

The white light glinted electric through the sky so black. The shift in the skies would cause the turn of the tide back home on planet earth, the ground would rumble with a great roar. The moon theme echoed across the galaxy and the waves of sound melted down upon those below, they looked up to the heavens above and saw the white golden ball flash once, then vanish into dark.

Here is the latest release from the Deewee camp, the label being run by the infamous Soulwax duo. This release comes from Bolis Pupul who offers an enchanting piece of music on 'Moon Theme'. Listen below:  

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Munir – Kaze No Dansu

Here is an exclusive first listen of the latest release from Dopeness Galore, the Amsterdam based record label which has been releasing the likes of everyone from Andras Fox, Pharoah Sanders, Kid Sublime, Chet Baker and San Proper. The latest record comes courtesy of Munir who delivers five tracks of succulent house music straight from Indonesia as he draws from wide ranging influences. This is a record which sits far beyond what you might consider to be a relative newcomer. Listen below:

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Weightausend – Meet Your Doom! (Christoph De Babalon Remix)

Deep in the blackest dungeon, the fires blazed on furiously through the darkness of the night. The clattering of metal rattled and the cries of prisoners echoed up and down the halls of the prison. A guard watched on from above, he cackled with laughter at their cries. This was a place for the damned, for those who had nothing left but pain. It was time for them to meet their doom, here it would end.

Here is the Christoph De Babalon remix of Weightausend's 'Meet Your Doom' on Haunter Records. It bangs. Listen below:

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Oli Warriner – Static

The hum and buzz of static growled from the television set. On the screen the flashes of colour appeared sporadically between the grey and white texture which polluted the picture. Distortion rumbled from the amp which sat beneath the system. A dim glow sparked from the plug embedded in the depths of the concrete wall. It was only a matter of time before the detonation. The static would become too much, shock would occur, and the result would be fierce.

Here is the latest release from Oli Warriner on Night Noise Music. The record features remixes from Sinchi, Koncret Cutz and AWITW who all take turns offering up takes on 'Static'. Here is the original. Listen below:

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Cosmo Vitelli – A Cruel Story (I:Cube Remix)

The plot had finally been unleashed, a cruel twist of fate which would leave a bitter taste in the mouth for all that heard the story. It had never looked particularly likely that a positive outcome would emerge from the situation, but none had ever imagined it would in the bizarre, chaotic state in which it closed. A cruel story, a bitter story, a cruel tale, a bitter tale. 

Up next on the I'm A Cliche record label steps Cosmo Vitelli. His latest EP sees him offer up three diverse and intriguing pieces of music which reflect the labels sound well. It is also accompanied by a rather exciting remix from none other than French maestro, producer and connoisseur I:Cube who's music often comes in sporadic bursts. Listen to his version below:

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Xanga – Boom Boom Boom

The rattle of a snare drum could be heard in the distance as the band marched their way across the land. Eventually they would reach the gates of the city and the boom boom boom of drums would be upon their very doorstep. The party would commence, the sun would gaze down upon them and they would dance with a new lease of life. The boom was everything to them, everything and nothing at the same time. The dance meant more. 

Here is the latest release from the Multi Culti camp which comes as part of the ongoing compilation series which features from the likes of Moscoman, Manfredas and more. Here is 'Boom Boom Boom' from Xanga. Listen below:

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Deltino Guerreiro – 3 Estacoes

The seasons had begun to change, the red leaves of autumn glinted in the morning sunlight across the plain. Golden tones of crimson, orange and auburn illuminated the land as the birds began to leave their native country for the winter months. They flew hastily through the skies above, a long journey awaited their tired wings, as well as a warmer climate and a temporary life overseas. The grasses blew to and fro in the wind as the last warmth of the sun began to shrivel and die. 

Here is a track from the latest release from the Kongoloti Records camp. It features ten tracks from the Mozambique born Deltino Guerreiro and explores influences he has discovered whilst travelling the country. Listen to 3 ESTAÇÕES below:

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Bep Kororoti – Proronga

Many moons ago, the figure of a straw clad man came down from the Pukato Ti mountains and arrived in the Amazonian village. His clothing resembled that of a cosmonaut, and yet no one deep in the forests even knew of space exploration. Carrying his 'thunder weapon', the petrified natives ran away into the bush. Their weapons were useless against Bep Kororoti, they crumbled to dust with every naive thrust against his body. But Bep meant them no harm, and he learned how to use the Amazonians weapons and joined them in their hunts, and the proud warriors gained wisdom and insight from the mysterious traveller.

Bep Kororoti is also the name chosen by Alejandro Rodríguez aka Kresy for his new side project. The music mostly comes from hardware live jams recorded in one take, constructed around raw drums, decayed tones, corroded synths, acid bursts, ritualistic chants and an overall toxic haze. Just as the tales of ancestral visitors from outer space that inspired it.

Bep Kororoti's new 7 track mini- LP features this cut, and is released on HVNX, a new Hivern sub-label focused on concept EP's and mini- albums. Available 29th April 2016, pre-order it HERE.

Shit Robot – Lose Control (Spencer Parker Workmix)

The loss of control can be a beautiful concept, a violent ideology, a blurry chaos and a fit of rage. We tend to shun a loss of control as a society, it scares us, intimdates us and fills us with overwhelming fear. Is it just? We will possibly never know as a loss of control is often contained, managed and halted as soon as it begins. An individual might lose control, a society may not. 

Here is the Spencer Parker Workmix of none other than DFA's much loved Shitrobot. The original features vocals from Nancy Whang but here we find Spencer Parker skewing and distorting things in a robust fashion which sees him orientate the track towards the late night dark rooms. Listen below:

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