Premiere Inn: Round Up 27.11.15


Snasen – Music for Drone

Drones can be nice things. Delivering my Amazon packages straight to my door, quickly, and without me having to engage in any form of social contact with the postman.

Mostly though, drones are nasty things, cruel instruments of murder by proxy, handled by guys who've been brought up by Halo and Call Of Duty as laid out in Tonje Hessen Schei's new documentary about the secret CIA drone war.

We have the great privilege of premiering the unsettling, yet captivating soundtrack to this film from Snasen. 

Orchestre G.M.I. – Africa

Analog Africa are set to release their 19th compilation- Senegal 70 – Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings from the 70's. Drawn from rare and unheard recordings made in capital city Dakar's fertile 60s – 70s period, the comp touches on the sounds of high life, funk, and mbalax. Analog Africa boss Samy Ben Redjeb had the following to say about the creation of the compilation – 

“I was working as a diving instructor in Senegal in 1994 and I fell in love with the country, the music, the fishing, the beauty of its people. When the diving club I was working for decided to send me to Greece I quit to be able to stay in the country and applied for a job as a DJ in a hotel in Mbour, about 60 miles South of Dakar." 

"At that time only chart music was being played in the hotel’s nightclub but I convinced the owner to let me try and organise an African night once a week. The hotel had very little African music, so the owner gave me some money and I went to Dakar to look for records. My African night became a hit, not only with the tourists but also with local people."

"Spurred on by the success, I decided to push it a bit further and was spending each one of my days off in Dakar searching for records to play at my night. That’s how my whole vinyl obsession started. At that time the record digging craze that we are experiencing today was almost non-existent in Africa and as a result records could still easily be found in Dakar.”

Alongside the records Redjeb has licensed from his days digging in Senegal ( which make up 7 tracks of the total 12), Senegal 70 features a handful of unreleased cuts sourced from reel to reel tape, never before released – as the label explain,

"It all started in 2009 when Adamantios Kafetzis from Teranga Beat, the current leading label for Senegalese music, travelled from Greece to Senegal with a brand new tape machine that he used to digitise the musical treasures he had discovered in Thiès, Senegal’s third largest city. These treasures took the form of reel tapes, and had been recorded by sound engineer Moussa Diallo, who had spent the previous four decades immortalising, onto magnetic tape, the bands that would perform in his club, the legendary Sangomar. An astonishing three hundred Senegalese songs – all never before released – had been discovered by Adamantios Kafetzis."

We're lucky enough to be premiering one of those tracks today, the killer groove of Africa by Orchestre G.M.I (Groupement Mobil D'Intervention) – a fusion of funk and high life, it's as sure a party starter as we've heard all week – all the more incredible as it's remained virtually unheard for around 50 years. 

Buy the Record from the: Analog Africa Bandcamp 

Red Axes feat Abrao – Sabor (Isolee Remix)

Crosstown Rebels have delivered a curveball with this release. Red Axes have had a seriously busy year having dropped various releases on Hivern Discs, I'm A Cliché and Multi Culti. This release sees them take inspiration from the world of latin music: chimes and a distant male vocal create a track designed for the warmth of a sunnier climate in a distant land. R$N, however, chose to premiere the remix by the much loved Isolée. In his trademark style he edits the work of Red Axes into a melancholy, bass dusted blend of percussion and wobbles. Listen to the premiere below: 

Check out the release on Juno HERE. Released on 4th December. 

LA-4A – Understand

Back in 2013, a label named Delft appeared on our radar. The debut 'Levelled' EP became a favourite amongst DJ's including Optimo, Mike Servito and Gerd Janson, the latter apparently wore out two vinyl copies. Since then they have been busy bees and are all set to drop their next release. LA-4A is an alias of Kevin McHugh and his new release on the Clone Distributed label is a heater. This one is forthcoming but you can listen to the premiere with R$N here:

The record will drop on Juno soon HERE. 

Pan Solo – Jungle Falls

As the nights become colder and the sky darkens it can be hard to recall the days of a warmer time. However, Cosmic Pint Glass, ( which is our favourite label name this year by the way), have offered up four tracks which will allow you to retain those memories of summer sun through the chilly winter months. Jack Pattern, Selvy, Simple Symnetry and Pan Solo all feature, it is the latter of which we have chosen to premiere. Lush textures and a captivating melody keep this one very light hearted and danceable throughout, take us back to the beach please. 

Listen Below: 

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Made In Paris – Dancing In The Dark (Heretic Remix)

There has been a recent resurge in the popularity of roughed up, slowed down club music. Motorik have opted for Heretic – a big R$N favourite – to feature on remix duties for their new release by Made In Paris. It's a strong choice. He turns in a dark whirring blend of wonky death disco which sits perfectly alongside the original. It's sludgey, driving and one which will sit very comfortably into the sets of many, a call to dance so to speak. Here it is. 

Listen Below: 

Kader Yani – Insurgence

Sempor Memor are slowly beginning to craft a presence. Their recent release from Kader Yani dabbles on the ambient edges of Techno yet still carries a weighty presence. Capturing the deep and dusty sound of Detroit and bits and pieces in between he delivers four hypnotic tracks which will be released solely on 180gram vinyl. There is little media coverage on the label as a whole and their presence is very music orientated and mysterious, little hype and the tracks speak for themselves. Listen Below: 

Check out Sempor Memor on Soundcloud HERE. 

Scott Fraser – No Word Of Truth (Mystic Bill Mix)

Chicago's influence runs deep, however, Mystic Bill's version on the latest DX Recordings release takes things to a whole other level. Scott Fraser has seen his track "No Word of Truth" altered into a jacking house construction which maintains the sensibilities of classic chicago club music. A weaving low end bassline sways off centre and rises euphorically from the murky depths between jacking drums and rumbling toms. The remainder of the record sits nicely, a little more clean cut. Listen to our pick below: 

Pre Order the Record at Piccadilly HERE. 

Go March – Go March

Based in Antwerp, Go March are a three piece band exploring the soundscapes between modular electronics, post rock and krautrock. They have been gaining prominence as of late and many of their works have been remixed by producers including Psychemagick and Sigeto. Their sound focuses on intricate melodies: strummed electric guitars merge with synths in a collage of sound which seems to evolve throughout each track. Here is their latest album for Unday Records which can now be stremed below as a first listen for Ransom Note: 


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