Premiere Inn: Round Up 27.05.16



The cobbled streets lined the cliff facing town. The French countryside was a place of peace, a place of harmonic beauty and clean air. He sat upon the lonely rock looking out upon the village from above. The people moved like ants between shopfronts, guided by their passion for consumerism and accessory. He did not care for that, he missed her. Je M'ennuie. 

Eskimo Twins are the duo of Heretic and Nathan Liddle-Hulme: long time friends, now musical collaborators. A deep slow moving electro record with an attitude forthcoming on Clouded Vision. Listen to the Mikron remix below:

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The crew would gather once more to party under the sunlight of the mystic beyond. They would leap, prance and move their feet as they raised their cups high towards the skies above. "Haru Matsuri" they would chant to the lord on high up there. They were saved and now was the time for dance. Strike up the guitars, bang the drums, play it loud and groove with the summertime sound of the future planet, the future sky, the new world belonged to them. 

Olde Gods are a duo made up of Guillamino and JMII: two widely reputable producers in their own right who have released music across labels including Hivern Discs, Third Ear, Bankrobber and 100% Silk. The pair released their debut as a duo back in 2014 on Minor Planets and have now announced a follow up. 'Haru Matsuri' is their latest offering featuring a remix from Brooklyn's Octa Octa. A great package all round. Listen to the Octa Octa remix below: 

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This month an archive of original African music was made available for the first time ever to be remixed and released by artists including Rudimental, Luke Vibert, Machinedrum and Kidnap Kid. Ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey made 35,000 recordings across Africa between the 1920s & 70s, in a bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations. Special permission to access the archive was given to Beating Heart as money raised will go directly to help communities where the music was originally recorded. They will introduce a new model called 'Garden To Mouth', which aims to provide both health and wealth, by education to produce high value crops for sale and others for community nutrition. Rising from the titular chanting, this instrumental by Sonye incorporates the indigenous clappers into a horn sampling, rewinding house party starter, both infectious and jubilant.

Various Artists – Malawi is released by Beating Heart on 3rd June 2016. For more info and pre-orders look HERE.


Early morning or late night. I really couldn't remember, it had been a long and eventful 24 hours. Had she really done that? After all that we had talked about and the plans we had been making. Discussions like that can so easily get out of hand when it's been one of those nights. Closing the door behind me, I needed some space. Some oxygen to clarify what had happened. The streets were ghostly, abandoned even, but the clear twilight skies and the bracing breeze were just what I needed to get things straight in my head.

R$N's Parisian siblings Les Yeux Orange make their debut release on their new label. Portland's Wav Fuzz open the account with this gloriously beautiful, respectful take on early 90s house. Striding calmly and softly from an ambient dream state intro and sprinkles of dubby six-strings into a multi-layered builder, bubbling away with retro female vox samples, confident crashes, heritage drum fills and modulating synth riffs which just take off and fly. A winning start for LYO. Salut!

Wav Fuzz – Cold Fresh Air EP is released by Les Yeux Orange on 30th May 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Visit Les Yeux Orange HERE.


Miami born turntablist & producer, Jesse Perez, throws down a house jam for Edible’s fourth release. ‘What You Say About My Momma’ has been supported by Eats Everything, and Truncate brings his no nonsense and direct approach on the remix, carving out a Dance Mania style drum workout over the cut up vox (think Robert Armani meets Armand Van Helden). Party starter.

Jesse Perez – What You Say About My Momma is out on Edible digitallly 27th May 2016, and out now on vinyl.


Medical Records are gearing up to release an expanded reissue of Severed Heads' groundbreaking '85 compilation Stretcher. Originally intended as a sampler record designed to introduce American audiences to the pioneering Australian experimentalists, Stretcher ended up being released in 3 different forms with different tracks appearing on the American, Australian and European releases. This new double LP edition collects all the tracks available across all versions, alongside a handful of 12" mixes. There are well established pillars of avant-dance; cuts such as Dead Eyes Opened and Halo, that have been tearing up experimental floors since they were first released- these come alongside some lesser known surprises. The track we premiere today, Big Blue is Back, belongs in the latter camp. It's a rare moment where the band embrace their pop sensibilities and come on like an Antipodean New Order- no bad thing as it happens… 

Stretcher – USA Stretched Version is out 3rd June on Medical Records, pre-order here.


The sequencing android was charged up and ready for its first live audience. It's robotic intellect garnered from decades of programming of the original musical hardware, synced direct to the ageing motherboards of Roland's fine heritage. It had then monitored the synapses of thousands of electrodancers, acid chancers and neuromancers. It had identified the optimum beats per minute, the click of the snares, the grain of the hats to scientifically develop a music machine that could mainline digitally direct to the cortex. 

Entschuldigung is a new duo made up of Guillaume Atlan and Stephane Bejean- Lebenson, with backgrounds in French Touch and indie (Stephane having released on Mute as 'Christine'). Together they have created a fresh and charismatic electro sound, which has clear pop sense at heart. Making use of vintage 808s and taking cues from old school pop as much as contemporary art, the four track EP is a clever, cute, playful pop delight that will prick ears on left leaning dancefloors.

Entschuldigung – EP is out on Word Up Records on 27th May 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.


Dull day in the office? In need of some depth to add meaning to your downtrodden Tuesday? Enter Chambers – experimental electronic duo that give us a first listen of their track '151' from the album Sigma Flare IIThe gents behind this are ex-Yellow Swans member Gabriel Saloman and Vancouver DJ/Producer Michael Red. After a fateful meeting, they have worked collaboratively recording music since 2012. Their sound is described as "experimental dub", and alludes to a mutual love of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus' dub-influenced production, Rhythm & Sound. 'Sigma Flare II' is the final release from Chambers' inaugural sessions.

This monlith of a 10-minute track follows off where our premiere of Sigma Flare I began late last year. Chambers dexterously display their skills at maneuvering a genre which could easily have descended into disorganised ambience.

Listening to '151' is to be slowly enveloped in a lush environment of guitar riffs, sonic textures and dub basslines. This ain't just a track, but a narrative – and the scope of its story is epic. There's a thoughtful play of melodies (light and dark) that gives the project an emotional core, and a soundscape that manages to turn gracefully between urban sprawl and rural environments. As you slow dive through the musical landscape, you'll realise how expansive and detailed the whole project is, and it's good. Listen below:

The whole DBL100 project, including the album Sigma Flare II, will be released in full May 27th, 2016 via Debacle Records. You can pre-order a copy here

CREDIT 00 – T.R.M.

When did Credit 00 first become aware of electronic music? When he saw the legendary missile rise on Tetris' final screen. That might sound like a surreal Xmas cracker joke, but it's actually the origin story of the superhero producer who's the subject of this premiere.

After this early awakening, Credit 00 moved to Dresden in 2000 to study fine arts, where he continued to nurture his passion for synthesizers and drum machines. He made a name for himself as a DJ, and hosted killer Electro parties featuring guests like DMX Krew and Imatran Voima.

He's no slouch as a producer either, and that's why we find ourselves here right now – his new Tribal Rhythm Machine EP is out on vinyl 27 May on Uncanny Valley. If you can't wait just a few days, you can grab the digital right here.

We're premiering the lead track. 'T.R.M.' is a hard-hitting wedge of subtly melodic machine funk that should lodge itself firmly in the dance quadrant of your brain. The synths that enter halfway through elevate it to another plane entirely. Listen below:


August, the Mission District, some time ago. I can't remember exactly, must check my journal. The fire hydrants were flowing, it was HOT man. Like really hot, this alien/ illegal immigrant was melting in his limey skin. Kids rope-skipping in synchro, men chatting looooong tales on tenament stoops, warm summer chatter and fridge cold Buds and frosted ices. Up on the sixth floor, a pair of battered speakers dragged on to the fire escape dropped some dubby bass, snatched dreams and echoing springs over the scene. It was a day man, one where you didn't care about another one, because you were in San Fran. Postcard that to yer mother.

Layne Fox is a San Francisco-based producer who has released some killer records over the last decade as part of noted collective 40 Thieves. His new solo work for Magic Feet brings the Balearic and dub disco vibes he is renowned for and this mix is as slow and long as many a Sabres cut, just warmed in the American sun, and sliced and diced and to perfection.

Musik Nonstop – No Runnin Away is released by Magic Feet on 6th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

Magic Feet label honcho Craig Bratley will be playing for VANISHINGPOINT! at this weekend's Alfresco Festival in Tunbridge Wells and tickets are available HERE.


After the critical success of their last album 'Apero', Glasgow-based Happy Meals are back on the ever on-point Night School Records with new six track EP 'Fruit Juice'. 'If You Want Me Now' is a sugary electro-pop rush, with a nod to 80s (think New Order or The Human League), but cut with wiggling acid hooks and drum fills in an homage to Italo. The accompanying video is full of vintage visual feedback effects, reminiscent of clips from TOTP2. Since Apéro’s release at the end of 2014, Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook have toured the globe, from Moscow to Bangalore via various European festivals, and have honed their dynamics live, in the moment, improvising and twisting the beat into new forms.

Happy Meals – Fruit Juice is released on Night School and more info can be found HERE.


Hurtling along the steel rails, the train swept along, it's heavy wheels clipping the rivetted hot metal as the percussive sound gave the journey a rhythmic resonance. The passengers were in elated spirits, not long now till these carriages would be at the Amalfi coast. The crystal champagne flutes chimed as the guests downed the fizzy nectar and the laughter grew large as the anticipation swelled. The last call would be just a short ride to the discotheque, where the synthetic sounds and drum machines would leave the revellers and their stylish attire dishevelled and delirious.

Robi Insinna aka Headman gets his sympathetic hands on this classy Italo-Disco number, which rattles along with some real bass urgency, stacatto synth riffs and occasional vocal sample to dramatic effect. Pitched disco toms and snares collide in an 80s rub that must have sounded otherwordly to those on the floor back then. 

Headman / Robi Insinna – Reworks is released by Relish on 24th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.


The Europeans knew how to celebrate a union, and how to throw a party. From the gentle rhythms and hand claps, applauding neighbours joined in with their soft pads like a hazy mediterranean breeze. Section by section, the union grew, gentle mallets and repeated Rhodes from over the border. The Belgians brought the bass, and bounced and looped it and gave this continental disco momentum. The bumbling Brits were not invited.

Balearic Social deliver their second release on the label, with a four track EP from the "not now so mysterious" Zmatsutsi. The Yorkshire combo of party-starters, frazzled friends and all-day reprobates have produced this track, a chugging, building and yet somehow restrained cut, that is until the funk of the bassline gets disco-zapped and all the pieces of this fit deliriously together. Let's Remain.

Zmatsutsi – Mogadishu EP is due soon on Balearic Social Records and is available to pre-order HERE.


Following the rather excellent Fundamentals of Movement back in 2014, Bird of Paradise returns to Join Our Club with his Pulse Generator EP. We're premiering a special remix of the track 'Alone Again' by label bosses People Get Real.

While the original relies on precision drums to drive that choppy sidewinder of a bass line, the remix throws a spanner straight into the percussion and the bass becomes more of a looming, ominous prescence.

Download the track:

Pulse Generator is out 27 May on Join Our Club, buy it here.


Straight outta Adelaide and straight off Warren Raww's upcoming EP, 'Ross', coming through your speakers courtesy of Manchester based label, Natural Sciences. We premiere the first track straight off the release, Gringos Tropicana.

With that recognisable, woozy, sound that's been making it's way over from Australia via Raww and others – think Mall Grab, Mic Mills, Francis Inferno Orchestra – 'Ross', as a whole, is an compilation of lo-slung, exotic sounding grooves to get down to.

Gringos Tropicanas spells out non-chalant boogie from the off. Straight in, no fucking about. Listen to this and you'll be moving involuntarily and rapidly transported to Warren Raww's lo-fi tropical ravine.

Listen below, but first, take heed of the Gospel according to Warren Raww himself: "Grab your mates, and let Warren make you feel real hott when you sippin' that Ross which is oh so cold. Trakz strictly for Garden use only".

The official, digital release of Ross is 27th May, with vinyl release to be confirmed. Natural Sciences will host their first label night in London on the 4th of June.



Follow Warren Raww on Facebook HERE. Pre-order Ross from Bandcamp HERE

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