Premiere Inn: Round Up 22.04.16


Arpadys – Monkey Star (Psychemagik Remix)

Celestial crate-diggers and producers Psychemagik have remixed this French cosmic electronic weirdness as part of a Record Store Day exclusive EP. The track comes from the full length compilation entitled 'Cosmic Machine', curated by French vinyl enthusiast and collector Olivier Carrié aka Uncle O, and includes tracks from Anarchic System, Georges Rodi, Stereo, Roger Roger, Nicholas Peyrac and more. The collection follows 2013’s 'Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Through French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde', which explored the psychedelic sounds of the ‘70s. With a suitably weird and freaked out video to accompany it, expect to hear this pulsing disco monster at some fine parties in the woods throughout the summer, twelve minutes of chants, wobbles and rubbery bass heaven. Twelve minutes closer to the stars, this flying saucer is grooving into the solar flares.

Cosmic Machine – The Sequel – Original & Remixed Versions is released on Because Music and available to buy HERE. Follow Psychemagik HERE.

Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez – Navette

Better late than never is what they always say isn't it? Yes we know we missed the party on this one…

In some cases late is just plain frustrating but when the music and the outcome is as lush as is in the case of the latest record from Baron Retif and Concepcion Perez, then all ends well. Based in France the pair make a hugely prosperous and exciting duo having released a number of intriguing EP's for the likes of Heavenly Sweetness and Musique Large. It is on Musique Large where they find themselves presenting their first album which features an experimental blend of electronics, downtempo and hip hop. Titled 'Navettes' the record is out now. 

Listen to the opening track below:

Buy the release HERE.

Justin Cudmore – Crystal

The crystal shone brightly under the spotlight of the glass chamber. It sat proudly at the end of the long hall, the museums prized piece. For decades they had waited to display such a delicate stone, one of such power, importance and might. Kings and queens throughout the ages had sought its presence amidst their collection of jewels but none had triumphed over its great defender, its ruler. It was bound to only one, and now in the place where he was born it sat perched in his corridor. The museum was open, the crystal was alive. 

Here is the latest release from the Honey Soundsystem camp in full. It features remixes from Mike Servito and Gunnar Haslam and sees Justin Cudmore take his first solo outing on the label. Listen Below:

Buy the release HERE.

Silvestre – Floresta

A small clearing sat amidst the forest at the base of the mountain and the sunlight pierced through a gap in the trees. The heat bounced off the side of the cliff face from above and the rocks glinted under the rays. A small fire burnt in the clearing as they prepared themselves to begin the long climb to the peak of the mountain. The forest of Floresta had simply been a resting place, a precursor for the journey which lay before their feet. Hopefully, some day soon, they would be looking back down on it from above with fond memories. 

Here is a track from the forthcoming Silvestre EP which is set for release on Diskotopia at the end of April. The Portugese born Londoner recently founded his own imprint alongside his friend Renato titled Padre Himalaya. Listen to 'Floresta' below:

Buy the release HERE.

Lusts – Illuminations (Raf Daddy's Blackpool Rockin Remix)

The illuminations cast a bitter sense of sorrow across the crowds who gazed from below. The fireworks illuminated the night sky as the whispers ushered amongst the excited audience. They had all gathered here in this place, amidst the fields so far to watch the lights flutter in chaos, burning against the midnight hour's black. Each rocket shrieked as it rose in a flurry towards its explosive death miles above their heads. Looking down on earth, the lights seemed fierce, fairy like and distant. A far away illumination. 

Here is the Raf Daddy remix of the group Lusts. We are excited to be able to bring you a first listen from the project, a hugely promising collaboration.

They describe as follows: 

Lusts: We were very much looking forward to hearing what Raf Daddy would do with a remix of Illuminations, especially after an encounter with James, who told him that the track was inspired by Arthur Rimbaud and to take the track all the way to ‘A Season in Hell’. We love the remix, especially considering we also filmed the music video for Illuminations in the Blackpool Lights. It all seemed to fit so well. Cosmic.

Raf Daddy: I'm not entirely sure why, but I had two tunes in mind when I went in to do this. One was 'Feel Flows' by the Beach Boys, the other was 'Serve' by Rahel from the Camp and Street label. I think I managed to wrap some of the magic of those two around this lovely song by Lusts.

Listen Below:

Follow Raf Daddy on Facebook HERE. Follow Lusts on Facebook HERE.

Heartthrob – Intersection

The smell of rubber lingered in the musky air. Tyres spun furiously and engines roared beneath the underpass. In the distance two cars could be seen swerving along the twisty road as they raced towards the intersection, their headlights like the eyes of foxes against the darkness of the night. The lights changed from red to green and another two racers left the group speeding off into the distance in hot pursuit, heading for the chase, heading for the intersection. 

Here is the latest release from Heartthrob on his label Isnisnt titled 'Intersection'. Listen below:

Follow Heartthrob on Facebook HERE. Heartthrob will play live at Fabric on Saturday HERE.

DC Salas – Best Of Both Worlds (Cliff Lothar Remix)

Sometimes you must make a choice, define yourself, choose your state of mind, decide which way to turn. Compromise might be key to this, the best of both worlds is better than neither: grow, expand, evolve. Split the difference between your expectations and realities, distance your aspirations from the facts and move forward along the timeline. Reach the best of both worlds, here is the Ransom Note message for today. 

Cliff Lothar has remixed the latest release from DC Salas on Biologic Records. He takes on 'Best Of Both Worlds'. Listen Below:

Buy the record HERE.

Yula Kasp – Leisure (Rebolledo Remix)

What each of us do for leisure is of our own choosing. You might choose to fly, soar or dance the evening away in a loathsome haze. When the dream comes to a conclusion, little is known as to how the great night of leisure was spent but for the regretful stale taste of smoke, alcohol and chemicals. What each of us do for leisure is of our own choosing. Choose now…

Here is the latest remix forthcoming from the Kill The DJ label. Rebolledo of Pachanga Boys and Hippie Dance steps up to offer a rather addictive interpretation of Yula Kasp's 'Leisure'. Listen Below:

Buy the record HERE.

Glowing Palms x Ruf Dug – Rachel's Team

Manchester producer/label head Ruf Dug runs the Ruf Kutz imprint, which specialises in limited run, hand-stamped DIY pressings. He's also released on labels including Unknown To The Unknown, Crosstown Rebels and Banoffee Pies, and delivered not just one but two excellent R$N mixes.

Anyway, RK#10 is a special 7" of fresh Ruf Dug collabs, now available at Piccadilly.

We've got A-side 'Rachel's Team' below, a collab with Glowing Palms. The track struts along the boardwalk with old skool drums, tropical synths, funky guitar licks, and a suitably loopy video directed by Ruf Dug himself. Something about an insane AI who's addicted to/fueled by old cassettes… I don't know, just watch it below. It's a vibes sandwich but with vibes instead of bread so really you're just stuffing a whole pile of vibes inside your mouth.

Beverly Hills Cop II was on TV the other night (yes of course I ended up watching the whole thing), and if it didn't have the perfect theme song already I'd definitely suggest replacing it with this amazing track.

Palma – Valhada

French house/techno outfit Palma is made up of three guys – VFR, Raj and Noma. They're gearing up for the release of their new EP, and second on their own label Palma Music.

While the first two tracks on PALTRX002 are raw techno bangers, 'Valhada' is a real trip, a dense ambient soup landing somewhere between Vangelis and Oneohtrix Point Never. Ideally it should be played in a cathedral/space station/sensory deprivation tank of your choosing, but failing that it probably sounds pretty incredible sitting at your desk as well. Check it out below:

PALTRX002 is out 18 April on Palma Music.