Premiere Inn: Round Up 22.01.16


Esther Silex – Oskar

It's four o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light. It's four o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light. It's four o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light… There is certainly a theme with this one, however it seems to have tapped into that trance like hypnotism which generally falls rather surprisingly around four AM. As the spells of a late night begin to wear off and the tiredness starts to kick in alongside a sense of melancholy euphoria it is quite simply time to go home, it's getting light. Leave on a high, leave high. 

Listen to Esther Silex's latest release for Studio Barnhus below: 

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Invisible Cities feat. Ali Love – Sunkissed Memory (Apiento & LX – Menace Dub)

Memories are funny things. They often come and go in a blur, appear as an image or as a distant dream from times past. Fond or bitter they can carry a haunting presence, a wavering feeling or a sense of edge. In this Invisible City there was little to remind him of the past, all he had to base his surroundings on were those images of a sunkissed history….

Listen to Apiento & LX's Menace dub of the latest release from Invisible Cities below. It is forthcoming on the 26th of February on Double Drop Records: 

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X Press 2 & Leo Zero – Metrowave (Matt Karmil Remix)

Padded drums lie scattered across the studio floor. There was trouble here. The Metrowave band had seen some nasty incidents in their twenty year history but none so had left such a mark on their musical career. Who could have found themselves so angry at their fearless groove, their undeinable energy, their chords and passion. They glance up, scratched into the wall were the scruffy carvings of the culprit: the fearless bandit. Matt Karmil was his name…

Listen to Matt Karmil's remix of the latest track from X Press 2 & Leo Zero below: 

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Johannes Albert – Frentic Moment

The snow was finally beginning to melt as icy droplets leaked down the side of the mountainside. The fields would grow again and the people of the hill would soon be rewarded with green plains and flowers amidst the breeze. The winter had seen them live through troubled times: the battered huts sat huddled on the face of the mountain, dislodged and beaten by the elements. The sun however, had risen, and this was the begging of the new chapter, a new moment.

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Mattia Trani – Frozen Stomp

Bruised and battered he wandered through the snowy realms of the forest: he cries out loud but no sound falls from his tongue. He has no sense of direction, no sense of himself and no sense of what lies before him. He never thought it would come to this, a run in the bittersweet darkness between the trees. Silence echoes all around. In the distance a light glimmers, a flicker, a flame in the blackened murks of hell. He picks up his pace, he runs frantically, his feet a frozen stomp… Listen Below: 

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Carrot Green & Selvagem – Ossain

The riverboat glides through the green foliage and precariously pitches up on the bank off this narrow tributary. Disembarking, through the trees can be heard the maniacal mutterings of the macumba leader. Fearing to tread too close to this black magical ceremony, the traveller uses the aged girth of a ceiba to conceal and witness. A hesitant glance reveals the full spectacle, the bizarre observance. In a small circle, the chanting chief is enclosed by half-dozen followers, frenzied and fired as they hear their chief's song. His translation poor, the hidden explorer picks out just a few couplets. A tale? A creature, half-man/ half-porpoise and a tribal head who has been wronged, disrespected. A picture is shared from the circle to the shamanic teacher. As it is held high, with the cantations rising, the European recognises his own face on the newspaper cutting. The air becomes abruptly turbulent, and he looks back to see his boat's guy rope loosen and the craft sweeps into the swelling river. 

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