Premiere Inn: Round Up 21.10.16


PREMIERE: Flug 8 – Simulator

The machine would take them to new heights, not in reality but in their imaginations. The drug would lead their minds astray and would guide them through a simulated world of merriment and ecstasy. The simulation would last for five hours, the effects would wear off soon after, however they would never want it to stop by the time they had reached the peak. The change in each of their mental states would surpass anything that they had ever known or dreamt possible. Simulation awaited. 

Flug 8 values house music, family and culture. His latest EP for Kerosene sees him experiment with the limits of the genre and comes not long off the back of his recent album "Trans Atlantik". Listen to "Simulator" below:

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PREMIERE: Jamie Porteous – Burton's Garden (Sau Poler Remix)

Behind the old country house lay a field full of intrigue and mystery. Buried deep at the bottom of Burton's Garden lay an old chest, many had rumoured that it led to another dimension, a portal of sorts, but who actually knew? It may well be poppycock of course, or it may in fact be something quite magical and strange. Surrounded by pretty flowers it lay unopened, waiting for the right character to come along and enter the next world. The portal awaited, Burton was watching. 

Up next on Night Noise is an exciting release which sees Sau Poler feature on remix duties. He delivers a hypnotic and beautiful re-imagined version of "Burton's Garden". Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: José Manuel – Excursion Africanism Pt.3

The bus bounced as it rolled along the dusty road. The passengers looked out onto the lush green plains on the other side of the glass. Wildlife flourished for as fas as the eye could see. Tall giraffes marched proudly, their heads poking between the branches of leafy trees. Birds flew through the royal blue sky casting dim shadows back down to earth. It was a scene of majestic beauty and wonder. This was excursion Africanism and they were on tour.

Jose Manuel is set to release a new LP on Music For Dreams. Titled 'Excursion Africanism' the release spans across eleven tracks and soars through an array of spectacular percussion, melodic spirals and beyond. Listen to "Excursion Africanism Part 3": 

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PREMIERE: Dave Hargadon – Back At The Lane

In the back of the estate the gang sat eagerly on the wall overlooking the field. They had all been ecstatic at the prospect of retruning to the lane in which they had once reaked so much mischief upon the local community. Some had thought them to be intimidating, others had simply laughed at their playful ignorance towards society's rule book. As the sun began to set across the East end the anticipation grew amongst the group and soon the night would be underway. 

Dave Hargadon returns with a new record from Signal Code. Originating from Dublin he delivers a collection of padded house with a fast moving sentiment. Listen to "Back At The Lane" below:

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PREMIERE: NDF – Cruel Is The Color

As a label foom seems to be taking leaps and bounds to becoming one of the most interesting proprietors of eclectic and experimental alternative music.

The latest release comes from NDF: a duo made up of Benjamin Myers (Beonit & Sergio) and Bruno Pronsato. It is the pair's first outing in six years with their only previous work being released singularly on DFA. The new release titled "Cruel Is The Color" sees them take a refreshingly blissful approach to music as they pluck guitars softly beneath echoing vocals. Matthew Herbert also steps up as a rather splendid remix candidate as he reworks the pair into a bass driven frenzy. Ben Freeney's alternative version is perhaps the defining gem of the release as it sees him loosely expand upon "Certain Corners" which layered percussion. All of the tracks can be listened to below as a Ransom Note exclusive. Listen to NDF's "Cruel Is The Color" HERE:

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PREMIERE: Ssiege – 10 months – 627 fix

The writing was etched into the mirror. The scratches looked dull against its spectacular perfection and the glass glimmered in the stale light of the bathroom. Hatred was such a powerful emotion, it could scar and break a man. "I hate you" it read. It was elegantly simplistic yet utterly damaging. The door slammed as he walked away from the room in which he had determined his fate. He now knew what was thought of him by the one who was supposed to adore him. It was over. 

Ssiege is an anonymous artist emerging from the underground of Italy. Delivering an aggressive ep on UNTO Records, this one rumbles deep and murkily in the ears. Listen to  "10 Months – 627 Fix" below: 

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PREMIERE: Djs Pareja – Mad Box

Take a hold of it. Tweak it when you feel the need, and let go when you have had too much. The former took hold and the latter rarely occured as the diminutive noise machine was passed around the room. As each gallant and gullible guest took their own moment in the spotlight, they experimented with abandon and allowed their synapses to take charge. And recharged they became, as the fizzy electronics gave spark to their own private filter and they grasped and twisted and bled the resonance from their soul.

Taken from their new 'Alto' EP, DJs Pareja bring us this cut. Named after a bargain bin synth bought in their hometown of Buenos Aires, the fuzzy noise and bent horn sound of said kit is like a nasty lysergic wasp in an upturned glass. With cheap, clattering and gated drum machines to boot, it's as mad as a box of techno Freddo's.

Djs Pareja – Alto is released by Cómeme on 21st October 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Photo by Camila Marconi.

PREMIERE: Algorythm – Santos Express

The train roared through the dusty outback. All aboard the Santos Express. Beneath the backdrop of the setting sun the sand blew coarsely in the wind. In the carriage a party was underway and the liquor was flowing, good times were flourishing and soon they would be dirty stinking drunk. Who knew that such a train could exist, it was nothing like he had ever witnessed before. Glamorous, proposterous and chaotic it was a rocket ship transporting the ruff and tumble of the night through no mans land.

Based in Berlin Algorythm likes to dabble in playful pads and lush melodic twists. This is blatantly clear from his new release on Neptune Records which is a beautifully enchanting ep. Listen to "Santos Express" below:

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PREMIERE: Jay Glass Dubs – Compound Dub

The molecules had begun to merge. Deep within the laboratory bubbles started to flourish inside the test tubes. It had been an exceptionally long procedure: months, years, decades of work would soon be completed in a eurphoric climax. The prize of the century would soon belong to the Napoleon science team and their hard work would be rewarded on a worldwide scale. There was very little left for them to do but to wait for the final compound to form. Only then would they be able to celebrate. 

Jay Glass Dubs is the alter ego of Dimitris Papadatos who presents an alternative narrative to dub as we know it within his new release for Bokeh Versions. Titled "New Teeth for an Old Country" the release sees him experiment with the realm of possibility as he strips down tracks to the bare bones breathing in new life. Listen to "Compound Dub" below:

The release will be out on Monday. Follow Bokeh Versions on Facebook HERE

PREMIERE: Mitch Murder – Call Waiting

The phone rang aggressively, it's sharp metallic buzz cutting piercingly through the quiet. There was a call waiting but he couldn't bear to answer and risk hearing the words which might break his soul. For days she had been missing, she had left in the middle of the night and he had heard nothing since. The only people who might be calling him now at this ungodly hour were the police or troublemakers. He knew that eventually he must pick up and know his fate, but for now he was quite simply happy to sit and listen to it ring, ring, ring. 

Mitch Murder knows how to make a jam. That's for sure. He delivers five tracks of 80's inspired synth workouts which capture the grandeur and cinematic scale of an era in which melody was king. Listen to "Call Waiting" below:

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TV Baby – Klerin Priest (Ivan Smagghe Ghetto Beat Mix)

'Priest and Klein’s 1984 article, “The Selection of Disputes for Litigation,” famously hypothesised a 'tendency toward 50 percent plaintiff victories” among litigated cases. Despite the article’s enduring influence, its results have never been formally proved, and doubts remain about their meaning, validity, and generality. The Fifty-Percent Bias Hypothesis is true when the parties are very accurate in estimating case outcomes, but only sometimes true when they are less accurate. As shown in Klerman and Lee (2014), the No Inferences Hypothesis is false.'

All of which bears absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the release of TV Baby's Klerin Priest release as Klerin is clearly spelt wrong and invalidates any narrative running through this piece. But it's filled a bit of non-musical space on this page before you immerse your ears in this premiere from TV Baby. Klerin Priest gets the remix treatment from our recent guest editor and now regular column agitator Ivan Smagghe who takes a ghetto beat approach… 

Get your ears round the goodness here: 

More info on TV Baby here

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PREMIERE: Split Secs – Rummy (Tom Noble Remix)

The room was piping hot. Steam rose from the pouring water which ran coarsely against the metal window frame. On the other side of the glass the world outside was icy cold. This fictional reality had become far too adventurous for the team's liking. They had not planned to die on planet rhummy but soon they might. They held one anothers hands as they looked out into the frozen wilderness which lay beyond. This was it, the great and magnificent end. Enter the planet. 

Split Secs have long been favourites over at Ransom Note towers. However, their latest release has instilled even greater confidence in us as a unit. The new EP features remixes from Compassion Crew, and Musik Nonstop. That might have been good enough, however Tom Noble also steps up to the challenge. He remixes "Rhummy". Listen below: 

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