Premiere Inn – Round Up 20.11.15


Herbert – Smart (Matias Aguayo Remix) – Accidental Records

Mataias Aguayo is a top quality weirdo. Not for Aguayo the banalities of the tech house remix, the tedium of the disco rework, the ho-hum of the lazy acid line. Lord, no! Case in point: today we premiere his remix of Matthew Herbert's latest single Smart. Rather than slap the original acapella over his studio offcuts (not that any producer would do such a thing), Aguayo covers the track, re-singing the lyrics over a rampaging bass hook that appears to be trying to stamp the world into submission, then eat itself. We're going to loosely call it techno, but feel free to give it a listen and come up with something better:

Smart is taken from Herbert's most recent album The Shakes. The single is released via Accidental on November 20th, with other mixes coming from Housemeister, Crewdson and Julian Sartorius. Check out Accidental over here

PREMIERE: MR TC – Hebrew House (Optimo Music)

Based in Glasgow, Mr TC is relatively new to the world of music production: Optimo, however, are not. As one third of the Night of The Jaguar crew Mr TC has been behind some very interesting parties and has become a familiar face around the city. The record was produced at The Green Door Studio's and fits perfectly alongside a the treasured back catalogue of Optimo as a label. He will debut his live show on New Year's Eve at the Optimo party at The Art School, which should be very interesting indeed. Stream a track from the record below, it's rather good: 

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A pair of claves clatter in the distance. They rattle in anticiptation, awaiting the announcement, awaiting the tannoy. Then it begins. The synth roars, the devices switch on, and we move off. The repetitive warwhoops echo in the blackened spaces and the dance begins. 

Shift Work have been busy as of late. Summer saw the duo release on Optimo, now they are following it up with a record for Houndstooth. This is illustrious, gripping machine music at it's absolute finest. Listen for yourself at the link below: 

Pre-Order the record HERE and check out the launch party at Power Lunches on the 2nd of December. More Details HERE.

Bozzwell – Isolation Underground – Relish

It's hard to relish the possibility of spending time in isolation underground. I should write press releases more often, that was all the buzzwords in one sentence. Relish have been so kind as to offer us a premiere from their latest compilation which features a really great number of artists on the one release. Red Axes, Daniel Avery, Kim Ann Foxman and Richard Fearless are all in action on this one but it was the Bozzwell opener which caught our attention straight from the get go. Listen at the link below:

Buy the compilation HERE.

Sabre – Bali (Exotic Series)

Here at R$N we love all things exotic: from parrots on our swim-shorts to hawaiian shirts, sun kissed cocktails and tribal drums. The guys over at Exotic Series have a new compilation out which features a collection of interesting new material from the likes of Amir Alexander, Leon Vynehall, M.ono and Neville Watson. However, we have opted to premiere a track titled "Bali" by Sabre who have been releasing material on Royal Oak and WT Records as of late. This one had us hooked, listen below:

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Garry Todd – Times Goes On feat. Nat Page

If there were ever a record which made you want to dance around your nan with a hedge cutter, this might be it. The cover art is fairly ambiguous: why the hedge cutter? Is it his nan? Is she aware that there is a moustached gentleman waving a hedge cutter behind her?

All of these are puzzling questions which you can ponder whilst listening to Garry Todd's latest offering for BPitch: a murky groover with a deeply inquisitive low end and some eerie vocals. Pensive stuff. 

The record can be Pre-Ordered HERE.

Adam Halogen – Length & Brecht

Swimming pool soundtracks are hard to come by. There is little inspiration as you move through the water from one wall of tiles to the other. The lengths are long and the water deep as you weave between the dotted lanes. You scramble your way to the top of the pool and grasp the tiny metal staircase tightly. If only there were some sort of blissful ambience to accompany such an activity. Well, fear not, Adam Halogen's title track for Indigo Soul is here to save the day. Here are some sweetly melodic tones to accompany you as you swim your lengths and breadths… or brecht's. 

Pre Order from the Indigo Soul Bandcamp HERE

Pink Skill – EB Acid (Melomana)

This week’s Acid House is brought to you by the letters “E” and “B”…

That Big Bird rattles Oscar from his trash can. Heavy night on the grouch, and he is clearly a little worse for wear. Will this stupid bird ever leave him alone? 

Looking round his tin confines, he unearths a waylaid cookie. “BREAKFAST!” 

It was a hell of a party mind, those two straight guys ended up in bed together (just watching Morecambe & Wise on YouTube as a lubricant), a massive elephant did the remains of the chang, and someone put a frog in a blender.

And that freak like Bela going all "AH AH AH AH AH!”, bean counting and distributing accompanied by thunder and lightning flashes.

Standard in this street.

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Shinra – Ball & Chain (null + void)

Metal clatters on concrete, the prisoners dance as a jail guard gazes from the balcony above. Cosmic Electro rattles the cell doors as convicts move their weighted bodies to the beat of the drum. This is a jailhouse jam.

London based producer, Shinra, has dropped four cuts of sweltering, acid infused elctro on new label upstarts null + void. Racey drums and sharp synths collide in an intergalactic clash to make for an energetic collection of tracks built for the clubs.  

Ball & Chain is up for pre-order at Juno Records. Null + Void are hosting a launch party at Power Lunches on Thursday the 19th November: More Details Here

Harald Bjork – Sabor Latino (Studio Barnhus)

Few things ease us into the week better than some dreamy, softly shifting synth sequences. Ahh, YES.

All of a sudden it's monday morning and the weekend seems so distant. Well let this new offering from Harald Björk soak into your brain like the first cup of tea home after a night that's got quickly (and unexpectedly) out of hand.

The record's nice and varied, ranging from soft-and-dreamy lyricism to something with more of a tougher edge, and Suzanne Kraft puts in a remix too which is always worth checking out. You can grab the 12" on 27th November or download it from 11th December – however the latter will ABSOLUTELY not come with the exclusive 7" single "Strings of Harald" which is being released synchronously with the Frititd's EP. And yes, synchronously is a word, I just googled it.

More Harald here and Studio Barnhus here.

Tinariwen – Azawad

R$N faves Tinariwen are releasing a live album on November 20th – 'Live In Paris, Oukis N'Asuf'.

Recorded in December 2014 at the Bouffes du Nord in Paris, the album features the desert blues band performing alongside Lalla Badi, the 75-year old 'grand dame' of Tamashek culture.

For her first show in France in over 30 years, Badi joins the group on tindé – no, not a Saharan dating app, but a small mortar drum played exclusively by women.

We've got a first listen on 'Azawad' – have a listen below and check the full track listing.

'Live In Paris, Oukis N'Asuf' is out Nov 20 on Wedge. You can buy the album here – there's all sorts of exclusive merch bundles, including one with a super limited, super awesome gig poster designed by Chris Hopewell of Jacknife.

Garance – Suzy (Beroshima Remix) – Caduceus Empirical

There are many ways to look at a Friday. Some might look to seek solace in a glass of wine and an early night after a hard week at work, others may go to a laidback bar and dance to jazz, then there are those who listen to militant techno. They might like to listen to the following piece of music on a Friday night, drink in one hand, fist in full throttle, jaw hanging as they chew the inside of their mouth to pieces. Each to their own. Here is the Beroshima remix of Garance:

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