Premiere Inn: Round Up 19.08.16


PREMIERE: J.C. – Hator

A moody mystical venture in the murky depths of nothing in particular. Sitting down in some indiscriminate chair as it moves through a shifty and ever changing gloomy gallery. The atmosphere is weighty and dark but mesmerising. After you stand you realise you haven’t gone anywhere but you feel better for it.

J.C's follow up comes just a year after his last album. It is a moody and interesting take on the world of techno at present. Coming in heavy with dubbed drums and all encompassing synths it’s certainly atmospheric. Listen to 'Hator' below:

Visit the Semantica Records site HERE

VIDEO PREMIERE: Stavrogin – Blackcap

The silence was thunderous, the uniformed militia ranked in numbers, ensuring total compliance. Glimpses of the daylight magnified on the dark waters could be eagerly grasped by the civilians, but it was the only notion they had of life beyond these grim walls. They had made plans, and their captors would be caught unaware, but for now they had play a waiting game.

Stavrogin share this tense and lo-fi timestretched gem with us, taken from the forthcoming EP on 3BS Records, abusing samples in this dubbed out ambient trip.

Available on limited vinyl and digital on 29th August 2016. Visuals by Daisy Dickinson.

PREMIERE: Tom Terrien – Mai en Août

The time spent between May and August was his favourite. The summer warmth was what his bones longed for, to feel the heat radiating down upon is bare back and against his skin. The grass blew gently in the breeze and there was not a cloud to be seen amongst the heavens above. A moody blue hung dreamily in the air. Peace was here.

Tom Terrien has an upcoming LP on Youngbloods records titled 'Be Glad'. Experimental and wonderful it captures an emphatic approach to modern day electronic music. Listen to "Mai en Août" below:

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PREMIERE: Black Spuma – Metallo Nero

The murky sludge lined the floor of the troublesome cave. The harsh stone of metallo nero hung oppressively from the ceiling above in pointed spikes. An echo could be heard roaring between the walls, flooding the small space with blazing noise and aggresion. Ths was a haunted site and had once been used for acts to dark to speak. Now, many years later, it was time to recreate its use. It would become a place of euphoria, a place of transcendence. 

Black Spuma is the infamous duo of Fabrizio Mammarella & Phillip Lauer. They return to Mark Barrott's International Feel with four tracks as part of the 'Onda' EP. Listen to "Metallo Nero" below:

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PREMIERE: Molecule – Hebrides

The Northwest coast was not a place which showed mercy to those who chose to venture through its seas. In the distance the towering peaks of mountain ranges and cliff faces glimmered under the overcast haze. The boat moved beyond the waves, climbing and falling in line with the moving tide. The roaring sea cracked against the helm as the crew hung on for dear life. This was the Hebrides and they were far from their hometown now. 

Molecule's latest project titled '60° 43’ Nord' is a remarkable feat. The album was recorded over a month spent at sea. The record was recorded in the wild reaches of the North Atlantic ocean aboard a 90 metre fishing boat. Listen to a track from the release below:

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PREMIERE: Lou Karsh – Transitional

A time of change had begun and the landscape of the dusty planet would become moist and murky. This was a transitional period for Neptune and the climate would begin its evolutionary process. It was time for the spaceship to leave this place and embark upon unchartered land, Neptune was no longer safe any more. Fly high they must between the stars of the black night. It was time for an exploration…

Lou Karsh is a producer who operates out of Melbourne in Australia. He himself is the owner and founder of LKR Records upon which he has released his own take upon acid house and techno. Listen to a track from his forthcoming EP below:

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PREMIERE: Forceman – Just As Long As We're Together

The raft floated above the deep blue sea, it was at the mercy of the natural elements. There was little left to hope for as they voyaged across the sprawling ocean. Soon the night would fall and the surface aboard which they balanced would turn to black, reflective of the dark and lonely sky which loomed above them. They had been travelling for far too long but just as long as they were together, they might be able to make it through til' dawn. 

Forceman releases a sparkling edit on a forthcoming EP for Clouded House. Dancefloor action with a familiar twist of nostalgia. Listen to "Just As Long As We're Together" below:

The release is forthcoming later this year. 

PREMIERE: Pete Callard – Elixir (Duncan Gray Remix)

His slight hand was strangely and unnaturally youthful, his skin soft and unblemished as he stretched out his arm and offered up the test tube. His work had taken decades, but his smooth unforrowed brow denied those years of toil. Would his brother risk digesting this foul smelling liquid? He had never trusted his elder's dreams, but the truth seemed writ large and supple in the scientist's face. His doubts burned inside him, he knew there were darker motives too, yet he was as vain as a young man's sigh and he greedily slurped and fantasised of eternal life.

Sub:Sonic have been slyly releasing some quality records from their Limerick HQ over the past couple of years, and now they get Pete Callard into their stout hands. His 'Elixir' track here gets the six-string makeover from Mr. Tici Taci, Duncan Gray. It oozes hot summers and long drives with the windows down, or waking up on a festival site after having the best night of your life with your greatest and dearest friends AND THE SUN IS SHINING, and you still have some refreshments. Epic and majestic, but never pompous, it's really quite a joyous thing.

Pete Callard – Elixir EP is released by Sub:Sonic Records on 22nd August 2016. Follow Sub:Sonic on Facebook for release details.

PREMIERE: Bawrut – Ciquita (Moscoman Remix)

There are many moments which can be recalled from the days of summer past. The dying embers of the sun would soon leave this place but for now they would dance in the golden glow beneath the trees. A roar would erupt from a small crowd as a drum banged between the leaves. Feet moved pacily in time and "Ciquita" they would chant euphorically for the whole damn world to hear. This one was an ode to summer madness, an ode to summer dreaming, an ode to summer past.

Ransom Note's very own "Ciquita" has been doing the rounds this summer and has appeared in some far flung locations. Bawrut has soundtracked our 2016, we're not sure about yours. However, now, as we enter the dying embers of the breezy, sun kissed months we unveil a new approach. Our good friend Moscoman steps up to deliver a remix to see in the Autumn as part of a new EP. Listen Here: 

Bawrut  – Ciquita/ 1-2-3-4 The Remixes are out now on Ransom Note Records and can be found HERE.

PREMIERE: Alma Negra – In The Beginning

There was nothing but dust and rock back in those days: the grass had yet to grow and the plains lay bare. In the beginning there was very little to live for, not like now. Those days were but a distant memory now, a reflection of the past and times of desparation.Now they lived prosperously and fruitfully, the day was theirs to cease and the struggle was no more. 

Alma Negra are quickly becoming one of our favourite collaborative groups. They incorporate musical oddities, worldly sounds, percussion and blend it amongst nostalgic elements of folk and sounds from far away. Listen to "In The Beginning" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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