Premiere Inn: Round Up 18.03.16


VRSION – Capricon Meet Leo (The Persuader Remix)

The stars would align over the floating planet. It was a delicate process and the outlook from earth would never be the same again. Capricorn would meet Leo in the sky, they would dance gracefully through the blackness of space, a sprinkling of white dots glittering amidst the dreamy evening night. Many moons observed the formation from millions of miles away in the galaxies above and beyond. It was all but a figure of his imagination as he lay watching from the grasses of earth far below. If only capricorn would meet leo for him. 

The Persuader steps up on remix duties for the latest release on Constant Sound. He remixes the work of VRSION on a new three track EP set for release on the 28th of March. Listen below: 

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Yula Kasp – Conscious

The thought had spung from instinct. It left an impression in her head as she recalled its inspiration and existence. It was not a conscious decision for her to think these things but somehow they found themselves embedded in her imagination on far too regular a basis. She wished she was able to forget them from her conscious but she was trapped, a slave to the venom of their poisonous tongue. The cycle would repeat again and again. she had no control. 

Here is the latest track from Yula Kasp on Kill The DJ which is soon set for release alongside some rather exciting remix prospects. Stay tuned for more and listen to 'Conscious' below: 

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My Favorite Robot ft. Northern Lite – For Ever More (Marvin & Guy Transition)

The spaceship rocketed towards the stars above as planets, comets and cosmic dust soared past them through hyperspace. They had been in orbit for some time now and the world sat far below their metal craft. Spacesuits on, they sat huddled in the tiny cockpit looking back on a place which they used to once call home. Who knew what adventures in the skies awaited, time would only tell as they began their quest for new life and civilisation. They would float happily through the darkness forever more, for ever more. 

Here is the latest release from the Be Free Camp. My Favorite Robot's 'For Ever More' is remixed by the duo of Marvin & Guy. Listen below to their reimagination: 

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JackWasFaster – Granada/ Liberacion (A Best Man Dead Remix)

Communications were coming in fast, and the jets scraped the canyon walls as they entered stealth mode. Locking in, the liberation of the country was ever closer. Peaceful conciliation had broken down long ago, weapons were needed to ensure that the people would get the revolution they had demanded. 

A collection of filthy, rotten remixes from the artists on Alvaro Cabana's Madrid label, the package features further tracks (& mixes) from Kieran Holden (Undo), Gameboyz (Avanti) and Cabaret Nocturne (Jonathan Kusuma).

Various Artists – Rotten Citizens Vol.1 Remixes is available HERE.

Pearl River Sound – Lord of A-A-Acid

The squelching breaths echoed from wall to wall in the murky depths of the building's basement. A thunderous drum could be heard bellowing beneath their squawks and crunch. One man danced at the back of the empty room, nobody else was in sight, a lonesome mover drifting between the walls. Who knew what planet he was on, where he had come from and where he was going. This was his night of dance and all else was irrelevant. He was a god amidst this place, the lord of sound, the lord of acid. 

X-Kalay seem to be building quite a name for themselves after the success of their first release from Kask and its accompanying Ajukaja remix. Their latest release sees them move into a heavier dimension and features the Rome based Pearl River Sound. Listen to 'Lord of A-A-A Acid' below: 

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Manfredas – Glasswalk

There are many things which could be said about the following video which accompanies "Glasswalk", the latest track from Manfredas which features on the new compilation from Multi Culti titled 'Sun Gaze & Moon Faze'. This video was made under the slightly deranged craftsmanship of Paranoid London associate and Ransom Note friend Mutado Pintado. It's all a bit bonkers, we love it. Watch below: 

Autarkic – Solo Gun

One gun hung behind the bar, never had it been used before but there was an ever growing sense of tension amidst the gathering drunks. In the corner of the room a glass fell and smashed to pieces, this was met by a roar of laughter from the gang of youths to the left. The barman shifted nervously on his feet and glanced around the room. He dreaded the moment in which he might have to take action, make a move and use that gun, that lonely gun, that solo gun. 

Disco Halal are set to release a mini LP from Autarkic. Listen to track two from the record titled 'Solo Gun' below: 

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Photo Credit: Free Rubens ©

Amir Alexander – Black Mass

The tables had turned on the world of spirituality. What had once been a thing so profound and adored had become black. Higher powers were at work beyond the understanding of those on earth, their worhsip had once been kind, loving and good but now the mass was tarred by a haunting set of moral judgements and all encompassing beliefs. This was a black mass. 

Amir Alexander has always had a close affiliation with Argot as a label, in 2012 he was the first artist to release on the imprint. Now he returns offering up a three track EP titled "The Butterfly". Listen to 'Black Mass' below:

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Suzanne Kraft – Burn Me Down

The tree sat atop the far away hill amidst a sea of long green grass and reeds. In the distance the child could be seen swinging from one of the tallest branches, heaven knows how he had made it so high. All that could be seen was his shadow against the darkening afternoon sky as he swang to and fro. No ladder would reach as far up as to bring him down. All of a sudden the tree let our a solemn creak, it began to talk and whispered to the crowd which had gathered beneath the swinging child. It spoke…

"Burn me down, bring him home."

Based over the pond Suzanne Kraft has done a very good job of raising his profile in Europe. His sound fits perfectly on labels such as ESP, Melody As Truth, Running Back and now Kitjen. This latest effort sees him amp things up a tad as he releases three dance floor targeted tracks on the 'DJ Safety' EP. Listen below:

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Robbie Akbal & Veronika Fleyta – Sun Warrior (LUM Remix)

The sweat dripped from his brow as he stared upwards towards the far reaches of the deep blue sky. He clenched his spear tightly in his right hand as he sighed and began to walk slowly forward. A small circle of onlookers had gathered around him as he prepared to engage in battle with the beast. It reared its head and snarled as he entered the ring, the audience gasped as he tread leaving footsteps marked in the mud. He was a warrior caught in the eye of the sun, the people needed him, and the beast would be tamed. 

Here is the dark and moody remix of 'Sun Warrior' by LUM. The original comes from the Akbal on which Robbie Akbal and Veronika Fleyta have crafted the theme and set the tone. Listen below: 

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