Premiere Inn: Round Up 16.09.16


PREMIERE: Sano – Hasta Abajo

Having been closely involved with the Cómeme label since his debut in 2012, Colombian producer Sano now makes the jump over to Munich's Public Possession for a new EP of latin house/electro flavours entitled Latino Body Music Vol. 1.

We're delighted to premiere lead track 'Hasta Abajo' – which loosely translates as "drop it to the floor". Fittingly, there's a sleazy slowness at play, yet the track still seems precision engineered to move bodies from the bar to the dancefloor. The star here is that sinuous little synth line which snakes and flows like a river meander approaching the ocean. Stick it on and strut your stuff.

Latino Body Music Vol. 1 is out 7th October on Public Possession.

PREMIERE: Nick Araguay – Crary

Peckham-based vinyl label Ears Have Eyes are gearing up to drop their fourth release – an all-South East London affair featuring the talents of The Soft, FYI Chris and label bosses Murun B & Ivor E.

We're premiering a cut from the elusive Nick Araguay, fresh from repping Peckham on his SE15 EP for Peur Bleue Records. 'Crary' is a smooth customer all right, especially with those silky synth pads taking the lead – let's just say if this track was found on the shelves at Debenhams the thread count would be off the charts. Wistful techno at its very best, with just a hint of funk.

Throng of Orbs Vol. 2 is out on Ears Have Eyes in October.

PREMIERE: Ray Kajioka – Retro (Rolando Remix)

The days of the past had long gone yet the style still remained. Retro was that 'ish that was hot to the kids on the corner of the street. They didn't care for the fads of the century, they simply craved the items of the past. From sneakers to jackets, baseball caps to shoulderpads. They were not a gang to be missed with, they were super duper fly, the others were not. It was as simple as that. Retro was the heat which kept the ground warm and the people craving more.

Ray Kajioka has a forthcoming album set to be released in October later this year. However, prior to this he offers up a remix package on Kanzleramt which calls upon Rolando, The Persuader and label boss Heiko Laux. Listen to the Rolando remix of 'Retro' below:

Consistency Remixes is out Sept 19th on Kanzleramt. Buy the release HERE.

PREMIERE: Machete Savane – Manticore (Jonny Nash Remix)

The tribe moved through the undergrowth with gracious ease. For years they had lived deep within the jungle, it had served them well but now it was under threat from new civilisation. The manticore had hoped never to have to move with the times, they had their ways, the rest of the world had another rule book. Now, on the ground, they had to dig deep, keep moving and join as one with the leaves and trees that surrounded them. They would escape from this mess, it would simply take time. 

Machete Savane releases on Not An Animal making up the labels fourth release. He is remixed by the talent that is Jonny Nash who is previously known for his music on Melody As Truth and the Japanese label Snaker. Listen to his version of 'Manticore' below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference

With knowledge comes the key to success. However, the definition of success is a variable to each and every man. On which path you choose to walk is entirely up to you, seek the wisdom to know the difference and you will do just fine. The fields might be greener on the other side of the distant hill, the path you may tread may be worn and tired, keep the faith, follow your soul and move on forward. 

Alinka's record label Twirl has been on a run of form as of late, it corresponds directly with her own musical output as a producer and DJ. Her recent mix for Ransom Note proved testament to that. The next release on the label comes from Ena Lind who delivers a jacked up assortment of house built straight for the club. Listen to 'The Wisdom To Know The Difference' below:

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PREMIERE: Tom Tom Clubber – Vapordance

The liquid dripped from the ceiling tiles down upon the gatherers below. They looked up to the sky in a sense of beautiful disgust. Steam was rising in the dark and gloomy basement, it evolved from their radiant heat as they moved in time below. Their presence in this place was causing a chaotic effect. The dancers were really the ones that pushed the beat. This was a vapor dance, a vapordance a vapor move, a vapor groove. The fluid would continue to drop, drop, drop. 

Dj's Pareja have curated a new compilation on Estamos Felices. The release features music from Ana Helder, Carisma and Heal Youth. However, it is the magnificent 'Vapordance' which we choose to bring you from Tom Tom Clubber. Listen below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: K15 – Rain's Meditation

As she watched from the window she had never felt more at peace. Outside the rain bounced against the concrete down below, she looked upwards towards the sky. Around her the tall buildings loomed like metallic spacecrafts. This is what earth had now become, a planet stolen by cities, polluted by people, lost at sea. The rain offered a meditative backfrop for self reflection, self development and the expansion of knowledge. She would soon leave this place, her time was nearly up. The rain would bring her home. 

K15 appears on the latest release from CDR which sees the label team up with the Croatian based festival and pioneers, Dimensions. He is in good company amongst other tracks from FYI Chris, Lismore and Ben Houghton. Listen to his track 'Rain's Meditation' below:

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Contours – The Dada Loop

The wheel within the wheel kept spinning as the motor from within began to roar. The engine gasped and cried as he pelted full throttle across the bareback desert. Sand roared under the screeching tyres. The brakes shuddered under the strain. The wheels kept spinning, an infinite loop, a dada loop of the most hideous of proportions. The sport had long been associated with trouble but for one reason or another nobody had been able to bring themselves to call time on the event. This was it. 

Fly High Society come correct with a split ep from Contours & Dada Cantona. Here is the Contours track which blends elements of jazz and house in a soulful fashion. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

PREMIERE: Boryn – Testin'

The waters were ready for entry. It was time to test the depths as the submarine sunk deep below the surface. Around them tropical fish flickered in the glow of the crafts headlights. The water faded from a pale blue to a murky black as they moved deeper and deeper downwards. Life was few and far between down here, the creatures weird, wonderful and frightening. Many men had sunk and lost their way amid such low reaches, they would be alright though, they were simply testin' the waters. 

Astropical Tapes return with a brand new ep from Boryn. This is the labels fourth release to date and is accompanied with a remix from Loz Goddard. Listen to 'Testin'' below:

Buy the release HERE

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