Premiere Inn: Round Up 03.06.16


Tony Lionni – Woman

Across the golden sands she lay. Her eyes glinted in the sunshine as she glanced towards the aqua blue. Her hair blew softly in the breeze as she watched behind rose tinted glasses. She looked more beautiful now than she ever had before, but she was only a distant memory of things past. If only time could be rewound. If only to see that woman once more…

In celebration of Freerange records twentieth year the label has unveiled a compilation of friends, family and associates. Jimpster, KiNK, Tony Lionni, Tim Toh and Detroit Swindle all feature. The 12' boxset will be released on the 10th of June and the digital edition is expected late July. Listen to the Tony Lionni track titled 'Woman' below:

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Knutsson/Berg – Acid Nord

The Scandinavian climate was brisk and fierce. In the northern parts of Sweden there was little sound to be heard as they stared up towards the mountainside. A tiny hut could be seen in the distance, a light flickering from a small fire ablaze outside. This was to be the place, the only musical landmark amidst the outback of the north. Acid would play, acid nord. 

Here is the latest release in celebration of five years of Power Plant Records. The release sees the likes of La Fleur and Acid Mondays contribute but it is the Knutsson/Berg track which we have chosen to feature. Listen below:

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Lorca – Creta Kano

Brighton producer and Church/2020 Midnight Visions affiliate Lorca released his third EP for Breach's label Naked Naked back in November.

We're premiering the video for the title track, the work of Paris based director Manuel Lebriez. It's a magical tale of loneliness, lost identity and flying origami cranes that fits perfectly with the rubbery melancholia of the tune, and you can watch it below: 

Creta Kano is out now on Naked Naked, grab it here.

Luca & Dailey Ft. Chillian – Better Strangers

The days of love had left the pair. It had found itself lost waywards some time past. They had always hoped that it might be rekindled and reborn but now it would appear that they would remain mere acquaintances. They were better off as strangers, not lovers, not friends. It was time to go, time to leave and move forward, no looking back. 

Luca & Dailey have just released an EP for Night Vision music. The releases sees the pair dabble blend whirring synths with house infused percussion and kicks. Intriguing music with attitude. Listen below:


Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad – BBQ Skit

The crew had gathered amidst the sprawling estate. The smoke flourished high up above as it escaped from the heat of the grill. The smell of meat lingered in the air as the warm rays shone down upon them. Many beers would be drank this day, many memories shared. Music blasted from the boombox sat upon the grass. A barbeque skit played loud. 

Here is the latest EP to emerge from the Tartelet Records camp. It sees Kickflip Mike and Julius Conrad deliver a four track EP built for the summer. Listen to 'BBQ Skit' below:

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Buy the release HERE.

Calypso Rose – Calypso Queen

Do you know how long Calypso Rose has been running the worldwide calypso scene? Honestly? Brace yourself. She dropped her first hit in 1955, aged 15. Yep, Calypso Rose, has been the queen of the scene for more than 60 years… That's roughly the same time it takes the Stone Roses to record three singles, and she's not done yet. It's hard not to have a huge respect for a woman who's carved out a career in music for longer than anyone writing for Ransom Note has been breathing, so we jumped at the chance to premiere her new track. There's no messing about with it, no ridiculous attempts to jazz up the sound with house beats, dodgy samples, or ill conceived guest spots. Instead Calypso Queen sees her effortlessly delivering the classic calypso sound that many have copied but few bettered. It's the first single taken from her forthcoming album Far From Home, released July 15th through Because Music- keep an eye on their website for more details, and enjoy the new track below.

S'Express – Funky Killer (Red Snapper Remix)

The funky killer strolled down the street with purpose. He had style for miles and a golden smile. From his head to his feet he shone with chic. The beat would kick in his headphones, he could walk for days and days. He didn't care about what the radio stations say. Music on his mind, the evening was his time. 

As part of a very special remix compilation forthcoming on Needle Boss records we are delighted to be able to give you a first listen to the Red Snapper remix of none other than the ever relevant S'Express. Listen below:

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Matthias Vogt – Matters Feat. Phil Fill (El_Txef_A's Cosmic Dub)

The particles were examined under a high intensity microscope. The matters deep within had long intrigued the cosmo-scientists, thought to hold the answers to many of the wonderful astral chemistry which had been the basis for light, heat and life itself. Focusing into microscopic atoms, they appeared to bounce almost rhythmically, ions firing like shards of energy, splintering away from the tight molecular structures. The work had only just begun.

German producer Matthias Vogt is known for his signature electronic productions as well as being an accomplished jazz musician, and here his upbeat vocal track is given the dub treatment by Spanish producer El_Txef_A on a spacey, cosmic retro groove. As well as the original cut, the record also includes a remix from electronic stalwart Tom Middleton.

Matthias Vogt – Matters Feat. Phil Fill is released by Anjunadeep on 3rd June 2016 and more info can be found HERE.

Benjamin Finger – Orange Monday

The vessel drifted restlessly throughout the night, exhaling upon every wave. Breaking the rhythm, anticipating the monotony ahead. Settling in motion only to be disrupted once again. The past did not cease to repeat itself. Warm rays seeped into the bleak blanket above, penetrating the night. Grey ebbed away. The promises of a new day illuminated an orange Monday.

Here is a first listen from the Sellout! Music record label. Norwegian producer, Benjamin Finger, continues to carve his identity with more genre-bending ambient productions. Fingers' EP '9.5' is out tomorrow and is an excellent demonstration of his signature dreamy, droning, subtle techno sound. Here is 'Orange Monday'.

Listen below:

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Freudenthal – Sirens Crypt feat. Kike (Damon Jee Remix)

The secrets of the crypt would stand the test of time. The sirens called from the cliffy peaks up above as the waves crashed against the rock face. Boats would pass upon the murky waters but none would manage to charter the stormy seas. They would not get near, not now, not ever. Nobody would find the sirens crypt. Nobody. 

Released on Emerald & Doreen, Freudenthal unveils 'Sirens Crypt' featuring Kike and a Damon Jee remix. It is the Damon Jee remix which we are elighted to be able to share. Listen below:

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DJ Duke's Pleasure Dome – Wild Dreams (Adesse Versions Remix)

He lay awake, tossing, turning. His mind was a chaotic blur of wonder and imagination. Never in his wild wild dreams had he experienced such obsessive fascination and experimentation. His mind was no longer his own and he was caught somewhere between sleep and death. The world which he wandered through was exciting and new, bizarre and full of enchanting creativity. Endless possibility and opportunity existed all around this strange landscape. Nothing was the same. 

It is exciting to be able to reveal the Adesse Versions remix of Dj Duke's Pleasure Dome project. He steps up to deliver a fast paced cut with lush padded stabs. Listen below:

Buy the release HERE.

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