Premiere Inn: Round Up 02.09.16


VIDEO PREMIERE: Bambooman – Stargaze

Did you get a chance to watch any of that synchronised swimming malarkey at the Olympics? Pretty cool stuff, but I couldn't help wishing that they'd been able to choose better music. Something like… oh I don't know, say, 'Stargaze' from Leeds producer Bambooman's new EP.

Feel is out now on Accidental Jnr – an electronic/dancefloor-centric sublabel of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records – and we're very happy to be premiering the delightful video for the lead track, 'Stargaze'. Fittingly, it takes the form of a celestial ballet, or in other words, a very literal take on Dancing with the Stars. Lose your mind in the sheer impenetrable vastness of space below:

Feel is out now on Accidental Jnr. Buy it here

Video by Dan Vallins

PREMIERE: Fat Ribz – Household Appliances Go To Mars In A Laundry Basket

Straight out of the Midwest… it's Detroit label Magnotron's new various artists release! Four ace tracks, from floaty tech-house to old school jackin' Chi-town fare. It's out on 16th Sept – and hey, listen up sonny, if you like video games, you'd do well to stay tuned for more updates from Magnotron in the days following the release…

Anyhow, we're premiering this chiptune-influenced cut from Fat Ribz, who's represented by a blue gorilla on the artwork below. The track is suitably muscular, with fizzy 8-bit bass underpinning soaring synths and all kinds of wonky melodies.

Midwest Menagerie is out 16th Sept on Magnotron.

PREMIERE: Natureboy Gold – Eternal

Berlin based imprint Retrograde return with their fifth release – a various artists package featuring contributions from the likes of Terron, Matteo Luis and Marlon Hoffstadt.

We're premiering an offering from Retrograde head honcho Natureboy Gold. 'Eternal' starts off with dreamy, bucolic synth fields interrupted by great thwacking toms – the roles later reversed when the drums settle down into a house shuffle and the synths get a helluva lot more choppy. Stop struggling and let yourself be pulled down under the waves.

In Reverse Pt. 1 is out 30th Sept on Retrograde.

PREMIERE: Jan Ketel & Siggatunez – Want Some

How do you define necessity? What do you want? A lot? A little? Some? More? Human's are selfish by nature and design, difficult, complicated and overly demanding. It's time to break free, want less, want little, want nothing. Lower the bar, level the playing field, equate the population and redefine necessity. It's up to you…

Jan Ketel & Siggatunez are the latest artists to appear on Tieffrequent. They deliver an EP for the label which explores the elegant undertones of house music. Cut, chopped and screwed they stylishly blend samples into melodically driven soundscapes. Lush, deep and as the sound should be this is an accomplished release. Listen to 'Want Some' below:

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Flamingods – Jungle Birds (Ibibio Sound Machine Remix)

The cries could be heard beneath the coverage of the great forest. The jungle birds has sprung dramatically into life and would continue to sing throughout the days to come. It was mating season in the woods and the Amazon had erupted into glorious life. Nature was a beautiful thing, the flowers blossomed between the density of the green, the crunch of shrubbery and leaves underfoot sent shivers up the spine of those who were brave enough to tread. This was life. 

Flamingods have recently released the rather glorious 'Jungle Birds' on Soundway Records. However, never rule out Ibibio Sound Machine's ability to orchestrate a spectacular alternative. Listen exclusively below:  

Watch the original video for Flamingods 'Jungle Birds' HERE

FIRST LISTEN: Hannah Peel – All That Matters (Emperor Machine Remix)

We''l tell you what matters right now. All that matters is that you listen to the latest remix of Hannah Peel. Emperor Machine surfaces to twist and contort the sweeping original into something entirely of it's own majestic creation. 'All That Matters' is taken from the new forthcoming album 'Awake But Always Dreaming' which is set for release on the 23rd of September. The Northern Irish singer/ songwriter has been receiving praise from across the board ahead of the new album. Emperor Machine seems a fitting selection in regards to the remix. Listen to his interpretation exclusively on Ransom Note below:

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PREMIERE: Dj SCM – Binary Rhythms

The party had reached an emotional climax. Dotted drums were all that remained now, echoing between the walls of the dark empty room. Balloons lay scattered colourfully across the floor, the only sign of a celebration. The binary rhythms had bounced around the room all night long and between the spaces the crowd had danced. They had been at ease with themselves and others. Now there was simply a chilling sense of emptiness and a haunting glow. 

Dj SCM delivers three tracks for Warm Tapes Adjustment. Titled "Emotional Party Tracks" it is a varied ep full of lush melodic twists and gritty percussion. Listen to 'Binary Rhythms' below: 

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PREMIERE: Raam – Ment (Samo DJ & Alexi3d Remix)

It was hard to dissect the reference points to determine how it would all unfold. A car crash is not a thing of beauty but an event of blustering chaos and catastrophe. As they hurtled down the tarmac towards the crash barrier at the end of the line it was unclear to both the driver and his passenger whom would make it out alive, if anyone. Only time would tell whether they would go out in a great ball of fire or whether they would merely find themselves entagled within the metal shell. Who even cared now anyway but them?

Raam 05 sees Samo DJ and Alexi3d step up on remix duties. The pair deliver a hard hitting acidic alternative to the original title track 'Ment'. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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