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Jack Pattern – With Laki Penan

The tribe had gathered collectively to show respect to the fallen warrior. Around the forest fire they would dance, euphoric chants would echo coarsely through this place of rest. The trees sheltered them from the darkness of the night and the outside world. This was a private ceremony and all else would cease to exist whilst they celebrated the life of their fallen brother. Laki Penan was with them, the Penan tribe would rejoice. 

Swiss label Lustpoderosa carries a care free sensibility which is to be admired. Based in Zurich their latest release features three tracks from the much loved Jack Pattern. Listen to "With Laki Penan" below: 

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Move D – Stomper

The clatter of rock put strain upon the ear. The stomp and smash was on. The crowd moved restlessly to the relentless bang of drums. The beat kept them in line, in tune, under observation and in peril. It was as much a march as it was a dance, as much a stomp as it was a groove. There was no choice in this, no freedom, obligatory movement was required. 

Up next on Away Music is a four track EP compiled of artists which include Away Soundsystem, Auditory Response, Gummihz and Move D. It is the latter of which we bring you. Catch him play at Farr Festival this summer. The release is expected to land at the end of July. Listen to Move D's 'Stomper' below: 

Visit the following Away links HERE: 

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Dawad & Mokic – Atlas

The globe lay unfurled on paper before them as they stared. The deep blue sea swamped the majority whilst pockets of land sat scattered here and there amidst their line of sight. They had been sailing for some time now, battling the wind the current would bring them homeward bound, at least thats what they hoped. It had to be, surely, for the atlas, it told them so. 

Days of Being Wild are about to release a new EP from daWad & Mokic. The release features three tracks from the pair alongside a remix from Sid Le Rock. Listen to 'Atlas' below: 

Visit the Days Of Being Wild website HERE

Amato – Hey

Hey You! Yes, You! Pay attention. The depths of his imagination ran wild as he sat on the rolling train. The world flew hastily past as he gazed from the window, he wasn't there though, his mind was not there. The tannoy screamed, hurling it's incessant chant at all passengers in a distorted, aggressive torment. Hey You! Yes, You! Pay attention. He was gone. 

Forthcoming on Cititrax is Amato's new EP, charmingly titled, "Le desordre et la nuit". Amato is a new moniker of The Hacker who is best known for his powering techno and noise production. This EP sees him emulate such tastes in a slightly more melodic, electro based fashion. Listen below: 

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LXV – Apophenia

"Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena. The term was coined by German neurologist and psychiatrist Klaus Conrad (1905-1961). Conrad focused on the finding of abnormal meaning or significance in random experiences by psychotic people."

LXV is about to release a five track LP on Anòmia. The Philadelphia based producer unveils 'Clear', a follow up to his 2015 release ‘Asylum/Theophany’. Listen below: 

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Autarkic – Rotation! Rotation

Spin, spin, spin, spinning, spin. Rotation, rotation, rotation. Dance, dance, dance. The wheel was in motion, the movement had begun and there was no turning back. It was perilous by nature, fascinating by design. A beautiful link, stunning, sublime. The world kept on moving, the dance was on, where it would land, who knew. 

Turbo are arguably one of the most prolific record labels to have emerged since the millenium. The output is vast, varied and emphatic. Up next is Autarkic who recently released on Disco Halal. He is remixed by none other than Red Axes. Listen below:

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Languages – Sleep Stream

The waters rippled slowly in the glow of the moonlight. The world was asleep now, the forest lost in slumber. Not a sound could be heard, the leaves stood still in the evening air. Water continued to move, a sleep stream, the shimmering dream of blue and black at one with the rivers edge. 

Up next on Days Of Being Wild is the Berlin duo, Languages. They deliver a blend of soothing electronics and energetic intrigue. Watch the video for 'Sleep Stream' below. 

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Vox Low – Trapped On The Moon

Just behind the greying, granular edge of a crater, a twitching front man emerged from the slow descent of the days unnecessary solar visitor. Restraining his unusual gait, he conceded and the soft, dark crespescular creatures crept close to him. His senses were worn thin, the nightly beasts were his companions and comforted his gothic woes. Peering beyond his own gravitus, he still knew those that orbited thousand of miles away from him were not from this lunacy.

Les hommes Parisiens Vox Low return on Evrlst with another black & white homage to some of England's finest post-punk, kicking off with a Joy Division intro then slowing down like some gothic Can rekkid. Full of behind-the-guitar-neck click strums, toms from Morris and, then, that always running away bassline that makes you realise this is actually a fucking dance record! Take me back to my teenage disco, just somewhere more glamorous than Runcorn please.

Vox Low – Trapped On The Moon is released on very limited 12" red vinyl by Evrlst and can be found HERE from 3rd July 2016.

Los Wawis – No Se

The language spoken here was not found to be of his native tongue. He was surprised, and remained caught off guard following the harshness by which their words cut. The tone was villainous, cold, yet enchanting. He listened, enticed as the words 'No Se' were repeated again and again. For he could not understand what they said, and they could not care to explain. Communication could be beautiful, communication could be fierce, it could be everything. 

First up on the newly formed Dub Disco record label steps Aussteiger. The A side sees him remix the work of Los Wawis as he dabbles and experiments amidst dance floor enlightenment. Listen below: 

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Roommates – RAAW

Just the other side of the thinly partitioned wall, the new girl was joyously creating her arrival soundtrack. The roommates had seen her carry in all her set-up, keyboards and cables, mikes and machines. They had frowned at each other, this hadn't been discussed at the interview, she seemed timid, bookish even. As the four-four beats and shakers gave way, they began to feel love for her already, even if the bassline was bouncing through their bedrooms and beyond. What would the neighbours say?

Roommates are Spirit and Da Saül, a mysterious pair releasing their debut EP on fresh Parisian label Word Up Records. 'RAAW' features some solid kick and percussion beats which are soon accompanied by drum fills, a Moroder style bassline, choppy and soaring vox snatches on this interesting debut.

Roommates – Roommates EP is released by Word Up Records on 1st July 2016. 

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