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Elias Mazian – Duplicate

Voyage Direct have become one of the most influential record labels on the dancefloor circuit this year. With a string of consistent club orientated releases and an array of new artists they have cemented themselves as one of the most interesting imprints on the circuit. 

Elias Mazian is on the rise. Based in Holland he has defined himself as a forward thinking producer who draws upon influences from old school house, acid and percussion. His latest release 'Duplicate' has the potential to transcend the boundaries of electronic music and it wouldn't be surprising to see it featured heavily across the rest of the year. 

We are delighted to be able to give you a first glimpse of the new music video for the track. Watch the intriguing affair below…

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Munro – Fall

The plane cruised through the high skies. Looking out through a circular window she peered down at life below, the clouds hovered gently in the breeze and beneath the green shapes indicated land. She would soon arrive at her destination, some ten hours from where she had left that morning. However, the armchair within which she sat offered little support and it had been a long, bumpy ride. Her fear of flying was delicate and slight but now more than ever she prayed that they would not fall. 

Munro is a rising talent, a string of interesting EP's and features has led to him becoming a prominent figure on our radar. He features on a new split EP from London based record label Arken. Listen to "Fall" below: 

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Loud-E – Bill's Boa

The snake peered out from behind the tall glass chamber. It looked out upon the onlookers with an evil stare, a distant gaze and a twisted smile. Bill's Boa was rare, a sacred treasure they had said. Visitors had flocked from far and wide to observe this great beast from a far away land. They knew little of its mighty powers and its terrifying secret. As the zoo began to close up for the night the cries of the other animals began to ring loud in the evening sun, the snake slithered away. 

Berceuse Heroique is set to release a four track EP as part of the The Brasserie Heroique Edit series. Loud E first released these tracks as part of an album originally released on Ambassador's Reception in 2008. Now they are re-released on 12". Listen to "Bill's Boa" below: 

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World Air – Turks and Caicos

The outback was fierce. The sand blew under the abrupt strain of wind as the unit moved through the desert. The road was bumpy and the groundwork riddled with cracks and craters. The rubber wheels burned under the radiation which hung thick in the swampy air. The muggy conditions were a burden and during the middle of the day it was virtually unbearable. The radio crackled in the front seat as the air conditioning battled for dear life. 

World Air is set to release a new EP on Lo Recordings, a five track affair of weirdo electronics and obscure dancefloor focus. Listen to "Turks & Caicos" below: 

Buy the release HERE.  World Air on Soundcloud HERE

Nicky Soft Touch – Untitled

The crowd gathered to observe the terrain. Very soon bikers from all across the world would fly down these cliffs at lightening speed, it was no simple feat. The music blared ecstatically in the daylight glow. Great speakers stood perched overlooking the descent, designed to motivate and inspire. As the names of each rider rang out there was one whom had not nominated himself as present. He was an unknown outsider, untitled and unafraid. The race was on. 

Nicky Soft Touch delivers an energetic EP inspired by house and garage. He reveals four tracks on Foot Long Fun Plates purpose built for a summer club. Listen to "Untitled" below: 

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Rebolledo – Pow Pow (Fango Remix)

The punches kept pouring down. The reign of terror was well underway and the blows were terrifyingly fierce. The stadium was alive with the sound of cheers and groans, vagabonds and the rich had gathered to observe the greatest fight in decades. This was to be a historic day, a titan was predicted to fall. The ring glimmered beneath the shining lights and the padded floor bounced beneath the weight of the two warriors. Pow, pow, pow, bang, bang, bang. 

Fango steps up to remix "Pow Pow" as part of the Rebolledo reworks album. "Re-Alterado" features fresh takes on several of the album tracks with the likes of Red Axes, Maceo Plex and more all featuring. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE. Check out the Rebolledo showroom HERE

Dwayne Jensen – On The Floor

The noise reverberated around the discotheque. The movement in the room was hypnotic and focussed, the dancers were really the ones which pushed the beat. It was the job of the selector in check to follow the to and fro of their actions, a blinding task when the crowd was so prolific and strong. The club was rowdy and rammed, the doors were now closed to the outside world and the havoc it encompassed. Inside this place they were free. 

Dwayne Jensen pays homage to the days of Studio 54 on a new release for Landed Records. A jam packed EP which has been supported by the likes of Antal, The Black Madonna, Midland and more. Listen to "On The Floor" below: 

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Petwo Evans – Camrose

The drums banged and banged and banged. Much like those who moved to the orchestral groove of their ominous weight. The night sky glimmered, there was not a cloud to be seen and the stars flickered hazily a million miles away. The trees cast shadows on the figures lost between their cloak of green. They wobbled beneath the rumble of the beat and the night was young and free. 

Huntleys & Palmers return with their sub label in the form of Belters. Certified club cuts for the forward thinking dancefloor. This time around the label welcomes Petwo Evans back into the spotlight. Listen to "Camrose" below: 

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