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Defled – Cluster

The stars were gathered amidst the murky black. They hovered in clusters above planet earth casting a faint glow through the moonlight hour. The evergreen trees sat still and peaceful beneath the air of the evening sky, it was mid summer and the soft air smelt fresh in his lungs. He continued to stroll between the tall green land, branches and all. He was blissfully carefree and life was ever so simple amidst the distant mountains. City blues no more, 

Modern Obscure Music are set to release a new album from Defled in the form of "Hacking The Sun". We are delighted to be able to bring you an exclusive track from the release below: 

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Sutja Gutierrez – Carousel ft Yula Kasp

The wheel continued to turn under the weight of the machine. Upon the spinning top was an array of multi coloured statues, each with a ghoulish looking face and a marble smile. They were a creepy bunch, those things upon the carousel. The cold wind blew fiercely through the park, winter would soon be well and truly upon them and then the ice and snow would plunge this place into chaotic disarray. Up North the weather had already worsened but for now the wheel kept moving. 

Roll up! Roll up! We are delighted to be able to premiere an exclusive new track from our much loved writer and contributor Sutja Gutierrez who you may know best for his metaphysical antics. He collaborates with Yula Kasp who recently released on Kill The DJ. Listen below: 

The release will be available from the 28th of April.

Subtenant – Evergreen Soul

Deep in the heart of the forest was his home. Some say he had an evergreen soul whilst others simply believed him to be a man of reserved and peaceful intentions amidst the solitude. Little did they know that his life was but a breeze beneath the trees so green. His life was a hazy blur of early morning mist and glimmering sunsets as the smoke poured neatly from his little chimney. Deep inside his soul he was at ease and content with life, why shouldn't he be, amidst the green. 

Playful and elegant, house focussed and moody. Subtenant is set to release a new EP on the illustrious Love Notes which has previously featured music from Octo Octa, Steve Murphy and more. Watch the video below: 

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Robert D – Un Ni Yo

The mighty had fallen amidst the outback kingdom. Deep in a far away land he now placed his feet upon the stool in front and pondered what would happen to his palace, his cars and his ancient rule. He had led a triumphant life of excellence and golden promises. From an early age he had been taught that the world was his oyster and that he may have anything he ever wanted. This had led some to believe that he had operated a great dictatorship of splendour and illegality. They would be wrong. 

Robert D is a Belgian producer who has been receiving praise for his inspired take on house music. He layers elegant pads above traditional percussive elements in a stunning fashion. Listen below: 

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Coastdream – Soft Moon

The dim glow cast a hazy flourish of light across the early morning sky. Soon it would fall beneath the surface of sight and the soft moon would vanish into the warm blue of daylight. In the greenhouse the flowers began to blossom and awaken beneath the first hint of the morning glow. The glass flickered beneath the glimmering beams and the murky green shadows within were illuminated and set alight. The rest of the park was quiet and still as the day broke. The night was gone. 

Coastdream is set to release a debut EP on X-Kalay who have consistently released music of supreme quality. This one is a sun kissed, summer ready house track with sublime form. Listen to "Soft Moon" below: 

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Pivovar – Reliquary

Deep within the catacombs there was an ancient burial ground. Little light was present amidst the dusty tunnels, no grass grew and no flowers bloomed in such a place. Within the reliquary was the remains of a saint of sorts, but a troubled one at that. It was a miracle in itself that they had finally stumbled upon the underground city in which he lay. Their finding was the result of many days and nights spent below the surface, reading books and through a quest for existential knowledge.

Pivovar is set to release a new five track EP on King Deluxe on the 31st of March. The EP is a beautiful array of varying sounds drawing upon influences from far and wide. Listen to "Reliquary" below:

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St David – Street Beats

The sound of the rugged concrete echoed beneath the overpass. Up above cars went flying past in a flash, racing across the tarmac towards a destination far away. However, little did those drivers know of the party which lay beneath their wheels. Street beats were in motion below the highway and the dancers had travelled from far and wide to attend the middle of nowhere. A loud distorted drum rattled prominently in the darkness as shapes flickered and moved between the shadows.

St. David returns with more jackin' house for your speaker systems. His last release went down rather well and we expect much of the same. Listen to "Street Beats" below: 

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Chloe – The Sum Of Us

He held her hand tightly, squeezing her soft dark skin against his more frail and withered flesh. He had been a tough love, often making this partnership seem unfeasible. But he stared into her opal eyes, and she was still captivated. It was certain that to be alone after all this time, tears and laughter was unthinkable. Together they were a team, and their shoulders able to bear this weight.

Taking us a delicate and intricate distance from our usual 'doof doofs' is this track from Parisian electronic music icon and Rex Club resident Chloe. In her first foray in to soundtracks (for the film 'Paris La Blanche'), this piece shimmers and glides and teases throughout. "Arab music is traditionally inspired by poetry and improvisation, whereas occidental music is written. In this in between I collaborated with Algerian Kabyle musicians playing traditional instruments : oud, mandole, zurna, darbuka", says Chloé. 

The soundtrack is released 31st March 2017 on Lumière Noire and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Chloé on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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