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Casting a wary but excited gaze across the wide expanse below him, the hanglider shuffled up to the edge of the cliff, daring to nestle his toes right up against the edge. Waiting for the next proper gust of wind, he hoped it would come swiftly – he didn't like being caught up in his thoughts for too long just before a jump. Better to be in the air than having second thoughts. Feeling a weighty breeze catch his glider he inhaled sharply, and leapt out into the void.

'Heavy Load' comes from a new 12" on Sheffield's Black Beacon Sound label. It's the first release by the enigmatic Bozzwell under his real name, David J. Boswell. Perhaps best known for his highly idiosyncratic vocal techno constructions, Boswell has turned his talents to more of a songwriting approach – just don't call it folktronica!! With support from the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Nathan Wilkins and Steel City legend Jarvis Cocker, you know you've gotta give 'Heavy Load' a listen. Which you can do. Right now. Below. What are you waiting for?

bbs010ep is out 30th June on Black Beacon Sound, and you can pre-order it here.

He traipsed around the empty streets of the dilapidated town, cutting a lonely, somewhat ghostly figure. He sighed, his shoulders heavy. Everyone he knew had gone. Moved on to pastures new. He missed them dearly. Missed the laughter, the fun.

Wandering up one of the side streets, he realised he'd stumbled into unfamiliar territory. "How odd," he muttered to himself, curiously. "I've never been up here before." As he meandered further up the cobbled street his ears pricked up. A beat carried on breeze and down towards him. Where was it coming from? He followed it, like a hound follows a scent, until he caught it. He stopped outside what appeared to be an old tavern. Nervously and cautiously he pushed the door ajar. Joyous laughter and music filled the room. He stood staring in awe and began to cry tears of happiness. 

Bioroots Drift EP is the inaugural release on Enclave Records, a label whose ethos is to deliver house, disco and techno without all the gimmicks. They aim to be "solace from the meaningless, the throwaway, the empty."

Dive into 'LGAN' below:

To pre-order, head HERE.

The strands intertwined, a distinctive narrative with an unexpected twist. The book was enchanted, captivating and inherently difficult to put down. The plot meandered and weaved a wicked tale, one which might be further told throughout the ages. It was a mystical journey of intrigue, a web if you will which was hard to break free from. The language flowed with a graceful elegance, as if each prophecy of forthcoming doom might in some way reflect the readers future. 

Leonidas & Hobbes deliver what might perhaps be one of the "balearic highlights" of the summer months. A sun kissed track with an elegant melody and a hint of mystery. Listen to "Web of Intrigue" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Endless possibility and variation is something which appeals to Metro Skim. Perhaps this is why there is a track titled "Misguided" upon his new release on Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions label. There is no definitive direction, no end route, simply a meandering series of twists and turns by which music may flow. 

His new album on the label sees him dig deep into the realms of futuristic techno, an abstract assortment of elegant electronics alongside playful hypnotics. 

Listen to "Misguided" below: 

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The number flashed prominently upon the fluorescent screen. The stadium focussed upon it as it glimmered and shone in the evening air of New York City. As he entered the playing field he was well aware of what responsibility the number aligned him with. Number 21 eh? They had said he would never make it this far, heaven knows how he had managed it. The crowd whooped and cheered as his feet touched the grass and for the first time, he ran. 

Jungle Gym Records return with a new EP from an artist known only as / / / /. Catchy yeah? Anyway, here is a gorgeous cut from the record in the form of "21". Listen below: 

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The warm air blew softly between the tiled buildings. The cobbled streets were hot and enticing beneath the delicate radiance of summer sun yet few ventured from inside to out. This was the quiet hour, a time for reflection in the middle of the day. Work paused, shutters closed and silence ensued across town. Little could be heard in the air but for the squawks of birds which soared upon the towering breeze high above. Serenity, tranquility and nostalgic bliss. 

The Mystic Jungle Tribe are set to release a new EP next month on Periodica Records. The release follows on from recent appearances on Going Good and Early Sounds Recordings. Listen to "Wind Phenomena" below: 

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The bridge was all that connected the two atop towering cliffs. It swung delicately upon the breeze, its slight wooden frame hazardous and uneasy. It would only take one at a time and the fear inside her began to build with frigid distress. If only the bridge were to be as strong as the rallying thoughts within her head. She looked out at him as he rocked back and forth with caution. He shouted back to her something along the lines of "see you on the other side"… She couldn't be sure. 

Fouk is set to release a new EP on Heist Recordings on the 26th of June later this month. Mount Liberation Unlimited have contributed a remix to the release, a 'crying cowboy dubb' to be precise. Listen below: 

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The grin was vicious in the glow of night. Her teeth shone bright beneath the neon lights in a perplexing fashion, a glimpse into the inner workings of her twisted mind and a distorted vision. She danced fruitfully into the small hours, moving in time with the flashing grooves and the banging lights. Her time in the spotlight was running out and soon that smile would fade. Soon there would be little left but for the sweet misery of silence, after the party that was. 

MR TC first released 'Teeth' on Optimo Music, now he is reworked by Relish label boss Headman on what will be a 7" vinyl only release attached to a forthcoming compilation. Listen to his version below: 

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It mattered little how old he was as he paced through the busy streets. A 20 something old boy out in the world with the freedom to roam, freedom to travel and a notion for exploration. Running away had never been easy, it had unsettled him despite knowing it was the right decision. Leaving home was never easy, few found it to be so. Now, a million miles away on the other side of the world he would begin his reinvention of self, a new beginning and a new end. 

Cornelius Doctor is set to release an enticing new EP on Hard Fist. A club focussed record with a light hearted sense of self. Listen to "20 Something" below: 

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The machinery whirred as it sprung to life. The empty warehouse was alive with the rapturous sound of metallic gears and the observers began to get excited. Operation RLGL had been a long time in the making and this was to the focal point of the experiment. Light began to beam from the glowing orb in the centre of the room as the generators whirred, in the background men in white coats could be seen flicking switches furiously under tension. 

Area is set to release a new two track EP on the Bristol based record label Idle Hands. The "Freckles" EP is a left of centre take on club focussed music. Listen to "RLGL" below: 

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The safe was proving incredibly difficult to crack open. However, in no time at all they would be free. The highway and a red convertible awaited, a bag full of cash and a big way out. The big scam was well and truly a masterplan, at least that's what they thought. It was time to abandon the nine to five, let loose and free up some time for dreaming. The golden skies of California awaited and damn near nothing could stop them from vacating its breezy shores. 

Prayers For The Long Life and A Harmless Deed have collaborated to bring you a new release featuring DJF and Epiphany. Listen to "The Big Scam" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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