Premiere Inn: 18.05.18


L.B. Dub Corp – Float When You Can

The sky was a cool open blue as he watched from the window of the small passenger plane. Soon he would leap outwards back down to earth, you had to take such opportunities to float while you can. The clouds seemed soft and fluffy, they were less intimidating when you were buried with your head amidst them. The parachute would be all that would save his life, however he feared not… In fact he was rather looking forward to the experience, a jump to earth. 

L.B. Dub Corp returns! Boom! Luke Slater returns to his Mote-Evolver imprint with a new album which has received a huge show of support from those in the know… you have been warned. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Shamos – Unusual Pictures

The images moved with blurry distortion and the pixels bounced sporadically around the sparkled screen. The advertising boards were home to all sorts of unusual pictures, they each had a purpose and a sales target. If one company was to fail and go bust, another would simply rise from the murky ashes and replace the advertising with a brand new screen. It wasn an evil industry, one which cared little for the success or failure of a product but the money which came from the investors and cash hungry machines. 

Shamos is set to release a new EP on SZE Records, a sub label of Secretsundaze which focuses on the slightly more abstract and introverted. This is intelligent electronic music for the discerning clubber. Listen Here: 


S. Mendes – Magalenha (Perko's Firecracker Mix)

Nathan Micay aka Bwana is gearing up for what promises to be a very busy summer. Earlier this year he launched a vinyl-only label called Schvitz Edits, and the first 12" featured his own unexpected dancefloor edits of Dr. John and Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.

Out 26th May, the second release finds some of Nathan's friends joining the fun. We're premiering the flip – Glasgow favourite Perko's take on Brazilian bossa nova legend Sergio Mendes' 'Magalenha'. With percussion like scarlet macaws chattering in the rainforest canopies, play this one to inject some heat into the dancefloor. Listen below:

Schvitz Edits 002 is out 26th May, pre-order it here.

Khidja feat. Borusiade – Simple Helen

She was charming, elegant and gracious. Her smile was enough to ignite a whole room, yet her simplicity was what kept her from being the next big name. Simple Helen is what they called her, she was a pale girl, average height and a pretty face. She could inject warmth into any a conversation but she was not special. At least not in the sense that they were looking for around this part of town… They wanted the extraordinary, the rare and the unique. She dared be such things….

Khidja and Borusiade take on a reimagined version of C Cat Trance set for release on Emotional Rescue. Other names to feature on the EP include Jamie Paton, Red Axes and Prins Thomas. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Casino Times – Voices

There were a faint series of whispers which repeated over and over inside his tiny brain, they chanted messages from the stars and wider solar system down to earth through he which was the channel. Voices were everywhere and he could hear them all, few else knew how they danced between loud gasps through to distant hazy background mumbles. It all depended on the time of the day and the very mood by which his environment had ensnared…

Casino Times are set to return to Omena with a new EP, 'Recoded' is their second outing on the imprint and delivers four club focused cuts with a degree of oomph. Bouncy bangers for the dancefloor. Listen below: 


Bruno Pronsato & L.A. Teen – Better Than Cindy

She walked down the school corridor and bumped her fist firmly against the metal frame of the lockers. The shiny floor had been cleanly polished before the pupils arrived for their busy, hectic day at school. From her bag she slipped a piece of paper, a note, into number one seven four. She walked away from the hallway and upped her pace with precision. She was better than Cindy, everybody knew that. Hopefully this message would prove that once and for all. 

Bruno Pronsato & L.A. Teen are set to release a new album on London based eclectic imprint Foom. They deliver an intriguing album built up of abstract influences reminiscent of krautrock and beyond. Listen below: 


Cofaxx – Check The Mood

The crowd were waiting patiently for the president to speak upon his proud, golden balcony. Down in the square there was a sense of tension and unease between each man and woman, checking the mood of the crowd was essential from the position of an officer. It was their jobs to ensure the safety and that the things didn't get wildly out of hand. This had of course all happened before several years ago when the president was stripped of his title… Unorganised chaos and a wild goose chase…. Check the mood…

Cofaxx is set to self release a new EP called "Eurama" – an intriguing EP which sees him blend organic elements of house with dusty percussion and intriguing soundscapes. Listen below: 


DJ Chupacabra – Turf

The grass was a beautiful shade of brilliant green. Out on the turf there was a huge procession of people dancing under the glow of the radiant sunlight. It was midday and the blue sky up above was empty and free. This might be the perfect day, the perfect hour and the perfect moment. The trees blew softly under the slight weight of the breeze and in the distance there was the delicate sound of the waves crashing against the cliff face and the shore. 

DJ Chupacabra is set to appear on a new split EP on rtct. records, an intriguing imprint which doesn't hold back. Club built cuts with a prominent sense of self. Listen below: 


Loud-E – 456

The numbers were assigned to each separate industrial machine within the factory. They each told a story and had an independent reference, the marbled floor reflected the heavy units with a glimmering sheen against the shiny surfaces. Walking through this old space he could only imagine what sort of conversations had happened here during ancient times. What decisions had been made which would impact the very present and the celebrations which had long run into the night. 

Loud-E is set to appear on Passport To Paradise, an imprint which has championed the edit and brought fun to dancefloors the wide world over. Loud-E is no stranger, a funk purveyor of the finest order. Listen Here: 


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