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Moon Diagrams – End of Heartache (Happy Meals Redux)

Following his debut solo album Lifetime of Love which came out earlier this year after a ten-year gestation period, Moon Diagrams (aka Deerhunter drummer Moses John Archuleta) will be releasing a special pink vinyl remix 7" featuring two artists from Glasgow's underground dance scene – Happy Meals and Komodo Kolektif.

Happy Meals and Moon Diagrams are playing a special double-header show at Corsica Studios on 20th November – tickets available here. That's the place to be if you wanna grab an advance copy of the 7" – it'll also be available at Sonic Cathedral's stall at the Independent Label Market on 25th Nov, and then after that you can get it on their website.

We're premiering Happy Meals' remix of 'End of Heartache', in which the synth pop duo recast Moon Diagrams' original as a lush slice of '80s electro. Listen below:

Remixes is out on Sonic Cathedral – digital on 17th November and 12" to follow right here.

Bad Tracking – XP-3

Bad Tracking are a duo from Bristol, the latest project to emerge out of the industrious DIY hustle affiliated with Studio Tape Echo, rwdfwd and an array of associated labels run by Alex Digard and Daniel Davies aka Ossia. The second release on Digard’s own Mechanical Reproductions imprint after the sub-bass crossfire and detonative drum workouts of Via Maris, this release comes as a strong distillation of a boisterous live show that allegedly features all manner of lewd actions, including, thankfully, some obligatory full frontal for the pervs.

On ‘XP-3’ however there are shades of unexpected sublimation forming a signature balanced between hedonism and introspection. There’s plenty of heavy manners in the brute soundsystem discord that dominates proceedings – all crude, chattering percussion and industrial dub treatments – but the climactic and memorable element comes in the form of a purified ambient glow that suggests a clean break of euphoria as much as losing your mind with your head in the bass bin. If Shackleton’s ‘Soundboy Punishments’ were to have met the ‘Endless Summer’ of Fennesz, perhaps it would have sounded something like this. Listen below:

Bad Tracking's debut record is out next week via rwdfwd, and in all other shops the following week.

Kris Baha – Start Over

The finish line was nearly in site. He had been running for around an hour, the white lines were beginning to blur against the glow of the orange rubber. His feet were tired and as he approached the yellow tape he let out a distorted sigh, his warm breath cut through the chill of the night air as the floodlights beamed down upon the race track like UFO's from up above. The stadium was empty, this was simply a practice lap but the exhaustion was very much real. Soon enough it would be time to start over, another lap. 

Kris Baha is set to release on the infamous CockTail d'Amore Music, the record label run out of Berlin by Discodromo. He maipulates a twisted tale, weaving odd structures and dreamy dance together. Listen to "Start Over" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Autarkic (ft. The White Screen) – Screaming (To Be With You)

Following on from Screaming GhostsEmotional Rescue and Malka Tuti's collaborative re-issue compilation of '80s post-punk outfit C Cat Trance which came out back in September – the two labels have teamed up again for a special remix pack! The idea is to provide a modern outlook on the Nottingham band's mixture of East meets West musicology.

We're premiering Autarkic and The White Screen's excellent cover of 'Screaming (To Be With You)'. Listen below:

C Cat Trance Remixes Volume 1 is out 17th November on Emotional Rescue / Malka Tuti. Pre-order it here.

Arne Spremberg – Keines (Man Power's Tropical Bastard Version)

The train was parked stationary in the distance. The metallic frame looked out of place against the scenic backdrop of the mountain peaks. The rusted wheels were crusty and orange, the paint of each carriage flaked and tattered. There was an ancient myth as to how it had ended up here, abandoned and ruined amidst the leafy pines. Many years had passed since it had entertained the glamorous guests and passengers of ancient days. It had once been a thing of beauty. It still was really, in its own way. 

Arne Spremberg is set to release an EP on his newly launched record label Domum. The Chalet regular has built a reputation as one of Vienna's finest and the EP is accompanied by a remix from our good pal Man Power. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Vectorvision vs Convextion – Zy Clone (Re-Vision)

The thunderous weather would leave a trail of destruction in the wake of the storm. Towering, black clouds loomed up high above as the wind roared between the dark city streets and alleyways. There was a melancholy sadness hanging across the town as the end began to near. Soon the machines would arrive, the Zy-Clone would enter the realm and they would say goodbye. A metallic thud began to ring out loudly in the distance, hold on. 

Vectorvision and Convextion, now there is a freakin' combination. The pair have worked together on a new two track EP for American label Legwork. Listen to the re-vision of 'Zy Clone' below: 

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Tyree And Pure G.O.D. – Back Home (Original Hip House Vocal Mix)

The streets were friendlier in Chicago. Back home there wasn't any of that fussing and fighting, the bickering and whining which seemed to litter the sidewalks of all those other towns. He had always dreamt that one day he might return there to settle down, live a normal life and retire in peace. For whatever reason life hadn't quite panned out that way yet. The hope was still strong though, as was the glow of the city lights in the distance as he watched across the water. 

Tyree Cooper is back. Enough said. The producer has collaborated with Pure G.O.D. to deliver a hip house cut of which only he could be responsible for. Staying true to style and form this one is a certified heavy hitter. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Unknown – S.O.S

Now then, the trance revival is well and truly underway. However, what happens if you didn't or don't like trance? What happens if you liked rave and the days of sweaty warehouse madness instead? 

Well then, Tusk Wax have got you covered. 

Having brought life back to Trance with their exclusive series of euphoric bangers they now attempt to revitalise the days of hedonistic hardcore and rave. A new series of records titled 90's Wax will see mysterious artists step up to reimagine old classics and provide a new spin upon the genre. The first is due for release at the end of this month. 

Listen to a track from the forthcoming EP and watch an exclusive video complete with footage from 'LA UNDERGROUND 1991 LIFERAVERS'.

Buy the release HERE

Thomass Jackson – Head Rejection

He had been seeking an appointment for a long time. However, his reckless ambition had led him down the rabbit hole many times before. There had even been occasions within which he had felt he might never come back. The mysterious creatures which lived beneath the ground were fascinating and simple, unlike the earthlings which marched back and forth upon the concrete up above. He shook himself back to sense, back to reality in which his head was full with little else but rejection. 

Thomass Jackson is set to release an EP on his own Calypso Records. An intriguing assortment of leftfield house which takes influence from krautrock and distant electronics. Listen to "Head Rejection" below: 

Buy the release HERE

Track & Field – Dyyson (Dean Lyon Remix)

Last thing we heard from Bristol via London crew Super Kitchen was an ace two-track 12" from Maribor back in May this year. Now the crew are releasing their debut compilation tomorrow! Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1 features nine hard-hitting club weapons that between them give a very good picture of where this particular strain of drum-heavy, funky-influenced sound is headed right now. Contributions come from label regulars like Mistareez and Lima alongside guests such as DJ Polo [RKS] and OMAAR [NAAFI].

We're premiering a remix by Dean Lyon, who's previously released on labels including RKS Dubz, Merge Layers and his own Love Krush imprint. Here he turns Track & Field's original into a stop-start apocalyptic garage number, and it's the perfect way to close things out. Listen below:

Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1 is out 17th November via Super Kitchen. Pre-order here.

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