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Niko Marks – Offspring of Nephilim

Pulling himself up the final part of the cliff face, inch by agonising inch, his skin scraping against the rock, he emerged onto the top of the ridge. Looking down at the wide expanse far below him, he was struck by a most incredible sight. At first he mistook it for some sort of rock formation, positioned like a pillar between two rivers, but then he perceived its movement and realised he had finally come across the race of giants he had been searching for. His brain having adjusted, he then began to pick out numerous others of them, spread across the vast plain. Inhaling deeply, and being careful not to be thrown by the powerful winds, he began his descent.

Detroit OG Niko Marks – who's released on the likes of Planet E, R&S and City Boy – has a new album called Natural Resource coming out on this week on U2XProductions. Listen to the bumping house cut 'Offspring of Nephilim' below:

Natural Resource is out 15th February on U2XProductions.

Yila – Better (Of) Me (Dave DK Remix)

The letter was long winded and passionate. She had hoped that it might not get the better of her but at this moment in time she continued to weep a solemn sense of sadness at the poignancy of the loss. Walking out from the chapel she left behind a delicate tail of intricately woven misery and torturous anguish. It had never been supposed to end up like this for her, for her family, her friends and her lover. Now as the story came to a bitter yet fickle end she dreamt no more. 

Yila is remixed by an array of exceptionally talented musicians on a new EP for Supremus Records. Dave DK works his usual wizardry blending soft whispering vocals alongside his ominous electronics. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

AKKAN – Bananat (Naduve Remix)

The jungle was wild, the mythical creatures were bouncing beneath the thunderous skies as the rain began to pour with relentless force. The sound of bongos and congas echoed between the tall palm trees as the roaring waves crshed against the shore. It was time to take shelter beneath the banana tree and dance under the rains of the leader upon high. Soon there would be radiant heat but for now it was time to rejoice beneath the water and sing. 

Akkan is set to release a new EP on La Belle at the tail end of this week. The release is rounded off by an intriguing remix from Disco Halal affiliated producer Naduve. Listen below: 

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RBDP – St San (Ewan Jansen Remix)

The sun kissed island was a place of radiant beauty where wild grass grew and the golden sand blew upon the soft breeze. St San was it's name to the locals, they'd built huts from wooden planks and left their lives in the city to form a tribe of sorts. Now upon the far away shores they watched as the moon rose from beneath the horizon and glided softly towards the starry sky. Life in the hustle and bustle of a world away felt like long ago now that they had found peace and serenity. 

RBDP are a French duo with a penchant for house. They delve deep and pay homage to the glory days of New York and Chicago with a melodically focused release on Post Pluto. Listen to a remix by Ewan Jansen which features alongside: 

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Lay-Far – Never Good Enough For You

The door slammed leaving a resounding echo within the empty halls of the house. Upstairs she lay on the bed pondering what on earth had gone wrong and why it was that she was never good enough. Outside the cold wind howled, it was as if winter were out to get her let alone her own personal life. Rain lashed against the window with a dull thud, what would have been a usually comforting sound became a repetitive reminder of the empty world outside and that of which she had lost. 

Lay-Far steps up to release a stellar EP on In-Beat-Ween Music featuring the collaborative vocals of Stee Downes. This one has been supported widely with the likes of Mark Seven, Gilles Peterson and more all behind it. End of the night vibes listen below: 

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Giorgio Luceri – Collider 69 Funk

The machine was a strange and mysterious looking contraption within which nuts and bolts whirred with ominous bangs. Collinder 69 funk they called it, it had been the hot seller for many months despite the fact that its origins were mythical and blurry. The media had erupted into wild speculation upon the release and ever since the buzz had continued. It was like a rocket ship which soared amidst the distant sky as passengers embarked each vessel. Entering the cokpit he held his breath. 

Giorgio Luceri is the next to release on the esteemed Uzuri record label run by Lakuti. He delivers a killer EP with big hitting music purpose built for dancefloors the world over. Listen below: 

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Herva – Crash Point

The mountain regions were always notoriously difficult to navigate under the strain of the howling winds and the torrential snow which seemed to fall endlessly. The crash point was up ahead, this was where it had gone so horribly wrong for so many time and time again. It sent a shiver down his spine as he cast a glance downwards to the endless abyss within which so many had vanished. It cried out to him from the black like some sort of bizarre portal. The plane continued to cruise though, it was not his day. 

Herva appears on a new compilation upon which an array of "stallions" feature. Bosconi are the pioneering force behind the release which also features music A Guy Called Gerald, Dukwa and more. Listen below to a track from Herva: 

Buy the release HERE.

The Oscillation – Flight Sequence

The Oscillation is one of the many aliases of Demian Castellanos, who makes underground psych-rock inspired by everything from drone and industrial to disco and funk. The fifth Oscillation album, titled U.E.F, is out next month on Fuzz Club Records, and finds him ditching the '-rock'  and embracing post-apocalyptic electronics. It's composed of two mammoth 20+ min tracks, and we're premiering the psychedelic journey into the unknown that is 'Flight Sequence'.

The video was directed by Antonio Curcetti, who was inspired by the 40th anniversary of the Voyager 1 and 2 space launch. "Demian wanted to visually explore the idea of expansion into the vastness of the universe," Curcetti explains, "and then he told me the title of the track was 'Flight Sequence'. It was just too perfect. 90% of the material I have manipulated through a video synth is originally from the Voyager project. I really couldn’t believe how much was available on the Internet."

Watch the video for 'Flight Sequence' below:

U.E.F is out 2nd March on Fuzz Club. Pre-order it here.

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