Premiere Inn: 15.4.16


Following releases from Portable and Fort Romeau, the latest offering on Frankfurt label Live At Robert Johnson is a two-track Lea Porcelain remix package.

For those aren't yet familiar, Lea Porcelain are a dark synth pop duo comprised of producer Julien Bracht and vocalist Markus Nikolaus. Their sound is like a revitalised, contemporary take on classic post-punk and new wave.

Below, we're premiering electronic chameleon Roman Flügel's remix of 'Loose Life' from the duo's self-titled EP. Over a stiff mechanical bounce and scraping metallic sheets, his keen sense of melody reveals itself with this amazing synth line which spirals around Nikolaus' baroque intonations. Pristine. Everything running like clockwork. And all the drama and emotion you could want from a piece of music like this.

Lea Porcelain – Roman Flügel and Benedikt Frey Remixes is out 22 April on Live At Robert Johnson.

New Irish producer Manzana Kicks has got the In Knots EP out on Dublin label Bodytonic Music at the end of the week, and we're premiering the Optimo mix of 'Slow Train'.

Optimo man JD Twitch pivots away from the soulful grit of the original, adding in videogame bleeps, junkyard percussion and spooky atmospherics. Basically, it sounds like one of those haunted house Super Mario levels, just slightly more unsettling, before the whole thing closes out in a foamy wash of synth bass. Check it out below:

In Knots is out 15 April on Bodytonic Music.

French house/techno outfit Palma is made up of three guys – VFR, Raj and Noma. They're gearing up for the release of their new EP, and second on their own label Palma Music.

While the first two tracks on PALTRX002 are raw techno bangers, 'Valhada' is a real trip, a dense ambient soup landing somewhere between Vangelis and Oneohtrix Point Never. Ideally it should be played in a cathedral/space station/sensory deprivation tank of your choosing, but failing that it probably sounds pretty incredible sitting at your desk as well. Check it out below:

PALTRX002 is out 18 April on Palma Music.

Italian/Portuguese label Shit Music For Shit People, now over five years and 23 releases in, have shown admirable dedication to analogue formats. But woe betide anyone who tries to pin a genre label on them – their output so far spans the gamut from spiritual house and glitchy electronica to psych folk and fuzzed out dream pop.

Their newest offering, 'Bird People', is our introduction to the mysterious Snake – currently to be found in Mozambique undergoing "music research" – as this is his first ever label release.

The track opens with delicate congas and jungle ambience, with intermittent birdsong filtering down from the canopy. Snake gradually feeds in warm bass, fizzy synths and ecstatic chanting, resulting in a swampy atmosphere that envelops the whole track. It's a winner alright. Listen below:

Athens label Lurid Music was founded in 2014 by Alex Hobson and Dimitris Kyvellos of Kasseta Record Shop. We're big fans here at R$N – in fact we got them to do this excellent mix for us a little while back.

Following records from Anatolian Weapons and The Rattler Proxy, their 5th release comes courtesy of Antoni Maiovvi, whose new single 'Autoguerra' is out later this month, backed with a remix from Rattler Proxy's Lucas Savidis.

'Autoguerra' is an epic Italo electro cut, starting out with eerie synths and then bubbling up into something much more propulsive. We're premiering the must-see video, which sets Maiovvi's track against ten minutes of amazing archive racecar footage. Check it out below:

Autoguerra is out next month on Lurid Music, pre-order here.

Co-opted & Exoticized is Beaner's first solo outing on Berlin's La Mission, and an important one at that.

The whole release is an exploration of "im/migration, the brown experience, and stripped identity" – along with the vinyl, the meticulously arranged package comes with a magazine and other extras, including an immigration card. Dance music has certainly never been immune from an unhealthy does of cultural appropriation, and here the La Mission crew – self-described "brown folks with stripped and fragmented identities" – seek to bring that to light.

We're premiering Beaner's 'Got Blues?', which grapples with the idea of using a forgotten artist for one's gain. The bizarro, disorienting rhythm is sourced from the work of a blind 1930s blues bongo player – not something we can ever claim to have come across in a press release before! Coarsing through the groovy track, choppy hurricane synths and deep, serpentine bass pave the way for fleeting piano explorations. A banger alright, with or without the accompanying framework. Get caught up in this one below:

Co-opted & Exoticized is out 16 April on La Mission.