Premiere Inn: 15.12.17


PREMIERE: Eindkrak – Vrijwel Nihil

The shadowy underbelly of the city was laced with criminals and bad things. It was her job to catch and claim them for her own, to collect their presence and hold on tight. The river which flowed through this great town was always a good place to start the hunt, on a Friday night her and her vigilante friends would walk along the cobbled riverbanks looking out for the usual tell tale signs of trouble. One day there would be no wrong ones left and all would be safe. 

Eindkrak is described as Amsterdam's worst kept secret… He is about to release his debut album on Unknown Precept, an intriguing proposition as the year draws to a close. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Sully – Stripes On A Tiger Don't Wash Away Stripes

Some had said that this land would change over the ages, however as she watched the red sun die in the distance for yet another night she noticed very little in terms of revolution. Stripes on a tiger don't wash away, much in the same way as the trees don't fall unless chopped. The wild creatures still roamed from town to town with perilous freedom, perhaps they were the last of us which were truly free. Whatever that meant anyway… She climbed into bed and closed her eyes, soon this would all be over. 

Ever the evolutionary, UK electronic music owes more than it perhaps knows to the forward thinking aspirations of Sully. As a producer he has ridden beneath the current, making music true to himself rather than hype or style. As a result he is fiercely supported by many who feel more credit should be due. He is about to release a new 10" EP on Bastakiya Tapes, listen below: 

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PREMIERE: J Wax – Digits

The telephone rattled as he tapped buttons furiously with his chubby, grubby fingers. They left dirty marks imprinted on the white rubber buttons so as that the next person would need to clear up his mess. He didn't much care for the man who might dial next, this was his time of need. Dialling it in he would save his terrible day, turn it all around so as that he would travel home happily with a daft smile emblazoned upon his silly face. He was a man very much in need, of help that is.

J Wax features on a new split EP emerging from the Hilltown Disco camp, a record label operating out of the glorious town of Dundee up North. This one is all about the deep and hypnotic, listen below: 

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PREMIERE: August Artier – Hina

As he lay down his axe and wrestled the huge bundle of sticks onto his back, the woodsman heard a low drone in the near distance that gave him reason to pause. The forest was full of ambient noises that you could separate if you trained your ear hard enough, but this one was different. There was an insistency to it, so much so that the woodsman felt it must have been made for him alone to hear. Hiding his sticks and taking the axe in both hands, he parted the thicket and strode onwards towards the hypnotic sound.

East London imprint Inside Out Records have one last offering for us before the year is out. Hina is the new record from August Artier, which consists of three originals backed by remixes from VVerses, Lex and CERPINTXT. Listen to the title track below:

Hina is out 18th December on Inside Out Records.

PREMIERE: Mozaika – Taba Taba

The bubbling water was delicately peaceful amidst the cold of the midnight hour. Sat in the park there was little to be heard but for the trickling pearls which fell from the fountain up above. Sat upon a park bench it was hard to decipher the colour of the flowers which sat alongside the feature, they might be yello, pink, purple or blue for all he cared. The scenery was irrelevant at this point given the temperature of the cold winter night, he shivered and blew smoke into the air, awaiting the arrival of his woman. 

Mozaika is an up and coming musician whom has recently been adopted by the Public Possession family. His new EP titled "Aqua" has apparently been on heavy rotation by the team behind the label for some time. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Ohrwert – Fidelis

The noise in the desert was abrupt and staggering as the ground rumbled beneath the earth. The sand shuddered under the weight of the earthquake and began to run slowly down the dunes. Racing across the outback in their grand machine they had thought little about the risk which might exist within the mountains of sand, it was the heat of which they had been precarious of. The rubber tyres burned furiously under the strain of the baking heat and the golden rays. 

Ohrwet is set to release a new EP on Greyscale, a record which has been fiercely supported by an array of big names to date including the likes of Massimiliano Pagliara, Mr Ties, Cyril Etienne and more. Listen below: 

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VIDEO PREMIERE: V – La Nouvelle Epoque

The craze had stretched across Europe and into the great beyond, the colourful array of people and their smiling faces were the start of a revolution. They were the leaders of the new and the start of something very special indeed. For many years there had been talk of a new era, a beautiful dawn by which the future would change. This was the start. 

V is a mysterious figure, a tried and tested musician embarking upon a new world of opportunity. "La Nouvelle Epoque" is an epic progressive track inspired by krautrock and a better time. 

Australian artist Carla Uriarte has accompanied the track with a beautiful video which showcases colour, text, illustration and light. 

See below: 

Buy the release HERE. Follow V on Facebook HERE and the label HERE

PREMIERE: Piska Power – Aras

The noise in the industrial estate echoed loudly in the morning, the grey sky which hung above the compound was eerie and cast a menacing tone upon the day. The Aras factory had long since closed its doors but that didn't stop the building from rattling and creaking beneath the strain of the wind like before. Walking through the concrete sprawl he wondered if there might ever be new life in this place or whether it was doomed to the tragic end as a ghost town. 

Piska Power is the musical alias of Stefan Junge, a German producer operating out of Berlin under the cover of darkness. By day a medical student, at night a musical mogul. He delivers the fifth release on the Power Station label run by Kris Baha. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Greg Belson – Soul Revival

The building was busy, the situation excessive. Many had piled into the tiny old basement club to listen to the sweet soulful sounds blaring from the towering speaker stacks. It had been decades since the radiant chants of disco had echoed proudly amidst the backdrop of the city. This place used to be a haven, a palace of sorts for showmanship and antics. As the trumpets roared and the percussion clattered against the framework, one man began to dance. 

Greg Belson has very much earned the "legendary" title he is so often branded with. A true pioneer of a sound which appears to be having a new lease of life as of late. He delivers two choice cuts for Moton Records Inc which are almost certain to receive heavy rotation in coming months. Miss at your peril… Listen below: 

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