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People Places & Things – Acid 03 (Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor Remix)

People Places & Things is the production moniker of Mike Chetcuti, a veteran of Manchester's early Acid House and Warehouse scene. ACID03 is his debut release on AFAS (Art For Arts Sake Records), and an attempt to capture the essence of the Second Summer of Love. The release comes accompanied by an excellent remix from Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey, which you can listen to below:

ACID03 is out 9th March via Art For Arts Sake Records.

Quaid – TheNiteSHeLeftMe (feat. Shepherd)

There was a purple sky and the black clouds seemed ominous and gloomy. The rain poured with prolific intent on the night that she left me, at least that was as much as I could remember before the blackout. Sat upon the boulevard i recalled watching the stars darken under the haze of the midnight fog, the sirens in the distance roaring up and down upon the tarmac chasing villains and rogues. You could hear the sound of the waves rumble softly in the distance, I didn't care…

Quaid is set to release a new album on the Melbourne based imprint Couch Acid Recordings, an assortment of moody house, disco and boogie which lends a nod of the head to the days of funk, soul and classic hip hop. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

Switchdance – Limbo Walker (Iñigo Vontier Remix)

The rope was balanced finely between two trees amidst central park. From up above the sight probably looked incredibly insignificant, let alone worthy of a second glance… However, down upon the ground there were two soldiers ready to toddle softly beneath the ragged piece of string – a limbo walk was set to take place at 3pm. Onlookers had already started to gather and observe the formal beauty of the event, this was to be the highlight of their afternoon. 

Switchdance is remixed by Iñigo Vontier on a new release forthcoming from Karakter Records. "Limbo Walker" is reimagined as a tribal infused workout. Listen below: 

Visit the Karakter bandcamp HERE

Jimpster – Burning Up

We've got an absolute scorcher of a premiere for you lovely lot today courtesy of Jamie Odell aka Jimpster, whose new one Burning Up is out 9th March on his own Freerange Records. Released earlier this year as a very limited white label 10", the restless title track lands somewhere between Studio 54 and Swamp 81, strange as that sounds.

Jimpster remains a master of balancing functionality and character, and 'Burning Up' is no exception. Reduced to a killer cross-rhythm bass line and driving disco beats, it's ecstatic proof that you can cook up a delectable dancefloor dish with only the barest of cupboards. Listen below:

Burning Up is out 9th March on Freerange Records. Pre-order it here.

Ichisan – Hotel Jama (Harpsichord Version)

The city was a beautiful metropolis packed with colour and bright lights. Hotel Jama was at the forefront of cultural society and had become a place in which many came to socialise and watch the world upon a luxurious Friday evening. Drinks flowed and pretty people marched importantly past the glass windows. Inside it was warm and comfortable as she sipped her drink from a long straw… The ceiling was a bubblegum pink and the walls were painted blue, much like the nature of her soul. 

Ichisan is set to release a new assortment of reworks on the prolific Bordello A Parigi record label. A colourful affair with exciting musicality, twists and turns. Oh, and a harpsichord. Listen below: 

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DJ Manny – It's House

Moveltraxx's Street Bangers Factory series comes to a close this week with the ninth edition. Over the course of three years the label has been showcasing high octane dancefloor weapons from the likes of MikeQ, Mighty Mark & TT The Artist, Big Dope P, DJ Earl, Lockah, Morgan Hislop and loads more.

Teklife star DJ Manny – whose Greenlight was one of the best albums of 2017 – contributes a whipcrack juke cut that's over before you've even had a chance to draw breath. The frantic rhythms of 'It's House' mark another worthy entry in his arsenal of footwork battle anthems. Listen below:

Street Bangers Factory 9 is out 9th March via Moveltraxx. Pre-order it here.

Thiago Nassif – Shiu (Coçar Onde Coça)

The funny shaped creature marched prominently across the floor. It toddled back and forth between the four walls and looked surpised as it recreated the same delicately crafted route again and again. Shiu was his name, a thing of beauty which the rich had brought upon a great ship from overseas, he was far from home and very much alone amidst a kingdom of wealth, power and might. The trumpets roared in the courtyard outside as the guards marched upon the cobbles. The creature shivered up in the high tower. 

Thiago Nassif is set to release a new album on the widely praised record label, Foom. The imprint has become synonymous with quality having previously released music by the likes of Peter Zummo, Arthur Russell, NDF and more. Listen to the talents of the Brazilian maestro in collaboration with Arto Lindsay below: 

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Circuit 900 – Bakheng

Merge Layers – the label run by Italian producers Natlek and Nobel – is starting a new monthly digi-only single series. The first offering comes from Circuit 900, a Danish duo composed of Nicolas Hansen (Variete/Lattice) and Jens Madsen (Pastiche).

Operating somewhere near the intersection between house, electro and UK bass music, 'Bakheng' is a certified stomper with the most ferocious drums you'll have heard in a while. Listen below:

Bakheng is out now on Merge Layers. Buy it here.

Nacieae – 001.1

This was to be the first time that laboratory would be open to the public and the outside world. The walls were glimmering a pristine white tint whilst the greenery of the plant life which lurked behind the glass windows acted as a stark yet beautiful contrast to the clinicality of the environment. "001.1" had been a long time in the planning, it was important for a company as rogue and vagabond as theirs to at least pretend that those from the outside world were welcome within their sphere of chaos…

Nacieae appears on a new EP set for release on Tact Recordings. The imprint has moved from strength to strength across the last six years, this time they turn their focus towards the abstract elements of dub. Listen below: 

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Apres Ski – No Prob

The mighty jungle cat roared with abandonment and pride as he ran free from the towering walls of the zoo which had kept him imprisoned for so long. It was no problem that he might never return, the wind blew prominently against his fur as he darted between the trees under the glow of the moonlight. It was desperately cold under the chill of winter but that had been the incentive for a fantastic escape, a driving force behind the evacuation which had been coming for oh so long. 

Apres Ski appears on a new compilation set for release on the 13th of March later this month. He features alongside an array of Irish counterparts on the first compilation being released by Dublin Digital Radio, a station which has championed up and coming Irish talent across the breadth of electronic music. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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