Premiere Inn: 08.12.17


Afriqua – Opferator

The room buzzed with activity and life, the roar of machines and the shouting of voices back and forth was enough to give anyone a headache. Each phone seemed to ring louder than the last as the calls came pouring in to the station one by one. Each operator was put in a perilous position, it was only the sound of their voice which might lead to a resolution to whatever tragedy had struck on the other end of the line. She observed the scene from the corner of the room with a nervous smile. 

Afriqua is set to release an EP on the much loved R&S Records this month. "Aleph" will be available from the 8th of December and features an enchanting assortment of percussion, melodic soundscapes and dreamy haze. Listen below: 

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Algorythm – Pearls

The boat cruised elegantly above the rolling waves as those on board laughed and danced beneath the summer sun. This was a glorious occasion, an aquatic voyage into the unknown which would take their breath away. Deep down in the murky depths beneath the pearly white base of the ship was a great expanse, unchartered territory which man had not yet conquered. Some even said that we knew less about the depths of the ocean than we did of the planets millions of miles away. Some said…

Neptune Records is set to release a new EP on the 8th of December. A melodic, enchanting trip through the aquatics guided by Algorythm. This one is a tip. Listen below: 

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Jonattan Levingstone – Billie

The house in the woods had always been surrounded by mysterious tales of wizardry and magic, the locals didn't dare venture into the trees. Billie was the only one to have ever seen the old man who lived inside the cabin, a dark and misty figure which some claimed was up to no good. He was the only one who knew the truth about his somewhat strange behaviour, for he was special. As night fell he would wander onced again into the forest to meet his friend, together they would sit aside the fire and dream of the great beyond. 

Jonattan Levingstone is set to release a new EP on the Canadian based record label Parages. He delivers a soulful, well balanced EP which comprises of delicate melodies and intricate percussion. House music at its best. Listen below: 

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Pye Corner Audio – Resist

The walls were closing in and the hazard siren was roaring loudly. Deep inside the factory she felt that the time was now, the time to resist and to fight with passion and power. The metallic shell of the building had been a home to misery and pain for far too long. Soon it would burst with glorious colour and radiant light as the fireworks blasted with a glistening bang. The fuse was lit and the countdown to infinity was well and truly on. Prepare to boom!

Pye Corner Audio is set to release a new four track EP on Lapsus Records on the 15th of December. The enigmatic producer delivers gliding arpeggios and electronic wizardry on the label in what makes up the "Where Things Are Hollow" EP. Listen below: 


Fiberroot – Echo Silent (MR TC Remix)

The trawler captain could tell that it was nearing dawn from the faint red glow on the horizon. Barking orders at his men to haul up one final catch, he left his position and inspected the night's work. 'Not half bad', he thought to himself, almost collapsing from exhaustion. Returning to port, the rising sun glimmering on the water behind them, the crew could be proud of their efforts.

Last heard baring his musical soul on Maceo Plex's Ellum label, Valencia producer Fiberroot makes his debut on Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant with the Louder EP. We're premiering Glasgow don MR TC's remix of 'Echo Silent' which sounds like the sort of music I'd like to hear on approaching a haunted house deep in the middle of a Scandinavian forest. Listen below:

Louder is out 8th December on Correspondant.

Man Power & Last Waltz – Nee Shitteru

His trusty steed's hooves pounding hard against the dirt track, the knight hurtled out of the forest and onto the plains. Ahead of him in the distance was the castle, but glancing over his shoulder he could see that the snarling beast was hot on his heels, and closing fast. The drawbridge was coming down. Thank god. He just prayed that there would be time to bring it up again, or that the archers fancied their aim today.

Man Power and Last Waltz join forces for a new 12" on ESP Institute. We're premiering B-side 'Nee Shitteru' which drapes its low-slung, menacing bassline with eerie chimes and satanic chanting. It all amounts to the worst mescaline trip you've ever had. Not one to stick on just before bedtime, that's for sure. Listen here:

Tistish b/w Nee Shitteru is out 8th December on ESP Institute. Pre-order it here.

Simone Gatto – Today Will Be Tomorrow (feat. Kaelan)

There is a lot to be said for a multi faceted musician, often those who bring a breadth of knowledge to the table deliver a far more interesting product. Simone Gatto is set to release his second album, a subtke blend of techno, ambient soundscapes and intricate precision. The producer is a well versed sociologist and alongside the album he will release an essay of the same name. Titled ‘Heaven Inside Your Frequencies’ the album will be released this month. Both the record and the essay result from Gatto’s personal experiences as well as his ten-year’s artistic career: the love of his motherland and his parents, the first approach to clubs, the studies about the potentiality of frequencies, the electroacoustic experimentation and the aesthetical sonorous research.

We are delighted to be able to premiere a video of a track titled "Today Will Be Tomorrow" from the forthcoming album, a futuristic symbiosis which merges glitchy cityscapes and wonky visuals. 

Watch below: 

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Christian Tiger School – If You Want To (Gacha Bakradze Version)

The diction was lacking, she watched the speech from the hostile crowd. If you want to the rule the world you'll need a hell of a lot more charisma and presence than was on offer at present. She sighed and walked away from the stage towards the mass of people. Her campaign had been in planning for over a year, however no amount of preparation would have prepared this fool to take the stage and lead. His bumbling mannerisms and his careless turn of phrase left him vulnerable and weak. Not a president in her eyes. 

Christian Tiger School are a duo operating out of Cape Town and they look sure to make waves fairly soon. The pair are set to release a new EP on Lissoms and are accompanied by some glorious remixers. Listen to a version by Gacha Bakradze below: 

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