Premiere Inn: 07.07.17


Tambien – Collagelinger

The pieces of paper stuck together with thin promise. The array of colours were scattered upon the canvas, the glue shimmering beneath the glow of the spotlight. She took a step backwards from her beautiful creation and pondered what to do next. The paintbrush was invitingly close but she felt the need to show restraint before elaborating upon what was already there. All of a sudden the phone began to ring abruptly next door, its sharp shrill cut through the silence. 

Tambien features as part of a new split EP from Public Possession. The label delivers four tracks of oddball dance music with appearances from Obalski, Rhode & Brown, Mr. Tophat and more. Listen below: 

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Tarsius – Trickle Down

The water rattled softly against the base of the bath tub. The shower-head spluttered from up high above, the liquid began to trickle down the drain to a land beyond the realm of sight and into the darkness. Nobody knew where the flow may end, the endless pipeline rattled beneath the walls of the old crooked building. The framework echoed loudly, the bricks had stood for decades. 

More Rice is a brand new label based in South East Asia. The aim of the label is to showcase sounds from musicians of Asian descent, seeking to expose their music to new audiences in Europe and beyond. Listen to "Trickle Down" by Tarsius below: 

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Mike Midnight – cL cL

The dark voices left him vulnerable. It were as if there was some devilish ghoul sat perched upon his right shoulder whispering ominously into his ear. As he marched through town he began to ponder why it was such that he should be plagued with this mystical creature upon his back. Others claimed to carry demons yet they knew little of the perilous villain which lived within his crooked mind. The sun glimmered in the distance and the concrete stomped beneath. 

Mike Midnight features on a new EP from up and coming Australian record label Plaza. He is accompanied by tracks from Atripat, Consulate and Lanngman. Listen to "cL cL" below: 

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Stevie R & Delfin feat. Greg Rawson – Jalemba

The restaurant was packed and whirring with the sounds of life. Tables lay scattered across the room as the evening drew to a frantic close. Dancers leapt from the chairs embracing the noise of the midnight escapades. The lighting was dim as groups began to twist and turn it time with the ludicrous melody blaring from the stand alone speaker. It was as if someone had blessed this place with the gift of sound, a divine rebirth. 

Stevie R & Delfin are joined by Greg Rawson on a new track set to be released on Chapter 24 records. The release is expected to land on the 7th of July. Listen to "Jalemba" below: 

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Skinnerbox – Gender (Axel Boman Remix)

The binary form was not one with which she stereotypically aligned. As she moved fluently beneath the crowd of party goers and distant revellers she began to question the theory of her own rational existence and her place upon this sweet earth. Her gender was irrelevant for she was empowered and fearless, mighty and fierce. The clouds parted and the sunlight radiantly shone through the black, murky shadows. In the glow she began to dance.

Skinnerbox deliver a new EP on Turbo Recordings, a club focussed record with quite a punch. The pair are remixed by Swedish stalwart Axel Boman. Listen to his interpretation of "Gender" below: 

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Kijumba – She Drives A Red Ferrari (Palermo Disco Squad Remix)

The glow of the pink sky hung ominously above the city. He was waiting for a girl to pick him up from the corner of Venice Avenue, the whizzing headlights flashed quickly by as he looked out into the distance. She drives a red ferrari, this was all he knew. There was something quite disconcerting about the way the engines whizzed and hummed in the heat of the summer night. He had never felt afraid or nervous on the job before. He sure as hell did now. 

Kijumba is remixed on a new EP set for release on Taub Records. A throwback to retro 80's he is remixed by Palermo Disco who is perhaps better known as Innershades. Listen below: 

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Chaim – Slower Circle

The rotation was hypnotic to observe. As the wheel turned with venomous precision he glanced across the room and out of the window. Outside children were playing freely in the light of day, unaware that elsewhere industries were at work. He spun the wheel more vigorously now, twisting the yarn. Soon his beautiful piece of work would be complete and he would be able to pitch his creation to the outdoors. He dreamt of being able to leave the room. 

Chaim is the next artist to release on one of our favourite record labels, Disco Halal. He delivers three tracks of well orchestrated precision. Listen to "Slower Circle" below: 

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Kassiel – West Hills

In the distance the greenery was radiant. They have travelled across the desert for what had felt like an eternity. The heat was unbearable and little lived out here amidst the grains of sand. The engine choked a little as he put his foot heavily upon the gas. Smoke billowed hazily from the rear exhaust. The West Hills were calling.

Kassiel feature on a new split EP from Italian Dance Wave. The pair deliver a cinematic track in the form of "West Hills". Far reaching dramatic music for a summer drive. Listen below: 

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James Welsh – Thread

He began to walk upon the tightrope which was suspended delicately between the two skyscrapers. Down on the ground below the people looked like tiny ants, a small world far, far away. His balancing act was intricate and neat. It was a case of precision, to thread the needle was no easy feat, a performance which was a lifetimes work. 

James Welsh is perhaps better known under his former alias as Kamera. The producer has formed a close relationship with the Phantasy record label run by Erolk Alkan. He returns with a new two track EP which is set for release on the 21st of July later this month. Listen to "Thread" below:

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