Premiere: Harald Björk – Sabor Latino (Studio Barnhus)


Few things ease us into the week better than some dreamy, softly shifting synth sequences. Ahh, YES.

All of a sudden it's monday morning and the weekend seems so distant. Well let this new offering from Harald Björk soak into your brain like the first cup of tea home after a night that's got quickly (and unexpectedly) out of hand.

The record's nice and varied, ranging from soft-and-dreamy lyricism to something with more of a tougher edge, and Suzanne Kraft puts in a remix too which is always worth checking out. You can grab the 12" on 27th November or download it from 11th December – however the latter will ABSOLUTELY not come with the exclusive 7" single "Strings of Harald" which is being released synchronously with the Frititd's EP. And yes, synchronously is a word, I just googled it.

More Harald here and Studio Barnhus here.