Premiere: Gowans – Aye


There was little left to say really, the dice had been cast and the wheels were now in motion. A resounding yes had echoed throughout the crew and the game was afoot. That night they would break the locks, rob the joint and never look back. Aye, it would be fierce, fun but fierce. Under the shadow of darkness they would tool up, march between the alleyways and backstreets taking all that they could smash and grab. It was going to be a long one and no stone would be left unturned. Aye, it would be fierce, fun but fierce. 

Gowans is set to release a new EP via Scottish label Kouncil Cuts, a release which has gathered a wealth of support from far and wide already including Ciel, Gramrcy, Hammer, Martyn Bootyspoon and more. 

Listen below: