Premiere: Golden Bug (FEAT. JULIENNE DESSAGNE) – Un Paradis Artificiel (Mr Tc Remix)


Awakening from a hazy fug, if he even was awake? It had taken it's toll on his sense of reality, he was a glutton, a reprobate for research. Smoky voices echoed and bounced from somewhere close by, but he could not be certain if that was real or just part of the trip. Outlines of fellow partakers melted and morphed into the heavy patternage that adorned the walls. Was he any closer to understanding these spaces, or was he simply slipping through to a place he had read of? He stretched out to touch something, anything, but could not be certain if he was even moving. The pleasure of this narcotic journey was definitely a hook for his return, but had that principle taken control of him now?

La Belle label boss Golden Bug hails from Paris and is a record producer, label owner, DJ, groove sculptor and metal sculptor who has had great solo success with singles on Gomma and recently Ivan Smagghe's label, Les Disques De La Mort. This exquisite track from his new EP has been recrafted by Glasgow's Mr TC, and is an opiatic, drawn out, trippy affair, pinging and bubbling ahead of you, with a sultry vocal which comes from somewhere behind you in the hashish mist. 

Golden Bug – Accroche a Moi is out now on La Belle and can be found HERE. The Mr TC remix will be available shortly, further info soon HERE.

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