Premiere: Funderground feat. Mutado Pintado – The Fun Begins


Crying tears of shame and joy, telling you their whole lifes story over and over again… Deep dark web and drone deliveries, back door hellos, loud cameras and twisted screens, getting off any way you can. No handshakes no nothing, just alive in being alone, a million days down and only one left. Who cares… They know your name they know your face, they know the way you live but no deluding or erasing or breathing or being… A total con job. The money, the existence the backhands to feel alive, choking you out in the mirror just to make sure your human, spitting in your mouth, biting your chin, choking the life out of you just to see….

The first track taken off our new compilation Pen Pals comes from Funderground, the project of Ivan Smagghe and Autarkic, featuring the vocals of Paranoid London frontman Mutado Pintado. To help some of the artists effected by the Covid-19 lockdown, and to provide Ransom Note with much-needed financial support, two weeks ago we reached out to some friends of the website with the challenge to make a track in collaboration with another producer, musician or vocalist, remotely, in 10 days. The result is a compilation featuring 15 collaborations from 32 artists.

Due to the current situation we’ve increased royalties for all artists involved and, whilst the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions apply, accounting will be processed fortnightly. Profits from the compilation will also provide financial support for Ransom Note who have been heavily impacted by the halt of the events industry. The artwork has been created by Manchester design studio DR.ME.