Premiere: Flvn – Luster (Kiwi Remix)


The young insurgent saddled his motorcycle, its midnight black bodywork rendering it almost invisible, just the fine mist of this cold, thin rain reflecting the orange neon street lights. Speeding stealthily from the clandestine shadows of the back streets, the cylinders beneath him fired smoothly and powerfully as he twisted back on the throttle and headed to the autoroute. He knew it was time to be away from town, and the road signs became nothing more than a travelogue of memories reversed in the lustre of his visor.

FLVN is Flavien Gaubert, a young producer from Bordeaux inspired by everything from film soundtracks to Radiohead to Bowie. He layers up rich bass and industrial influences into his productions, with support from Ivan Smagghe and Chloe amongst others. This remix from London's Alex Warren AKA Kiwi drives some deep, submerged bass patterns into the sci-fi movie homage, with an aching, poignant and melodic synth riff which reverbs and morphs into this dark, slo-techno monster from the darker edges of the club.

FLVN – Logan b/w Luster is released by Night Noise Music on 13th June 2016. Follow FLVN on Facebook HERE.

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