Premiere: Exon Bacon – Doorbell (Folamour Dusty Fingers Remix)


The grand hall looked ever so elegant perched atop the hillside. As he climbed the stairs his haert began to race with a nervous sense of anticipation and awe. How had he ended up here? This was no place for a mere pauper, back home he was a nobody, a rookie and man of the people and the town. He did not deserve to walk amongst royalty. He pushed the golden doorbell and a long ominous ring echoed through the house. He tapped his toes, a jig if you will, and waited…

Folamour has had an exciting year and may well be the next to rise amongst the international club circuit. The French producer returns to see out 2016 with a remix of Exon Bacon's 'Doorbell'. Listen below: 

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