Premiere: Eskimo Twins – The Fridge Click


My usually dull and flaccid senses had felt excitable all night. Each incident had been magnified and scrutinised as if a pin-sharp beam had held it to account. My emotions augmented, and my understanding of everything exacerbated and enhanced. I understood like never before, and those learnings were as harsh as they were unexpected. I needed to find a safe space, where this sensory overload could be contained and examined. Sat still, barely breathing, I held my frame rigid and inspected the silence. It deafened me.

Neither icy cold or even related, Nathan & Timothy Eskimo have been producing and remixing since 2009 across labels including Clouded Vision, Days Of Being Wild and Throne Of Blood. Next up is their debut appearance on Beachcoma (the label owned by Fairmont, Metope and Sid Le Rock). This disco-infused cut is fully of sprightly hi-toms, scintillating hats and claps, with a pitched down titular vox sample. Then the breakdown gets it's wonk on and well, breaks down actually. Lovely messy chrimbo party starter, with something naughty thrown in the punch.

Eskimo Twins – The Fridge Click EP is released by Beachcoma on 25th November 2016. Follow them on Facebook.

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