Premiere: Errortica – Master Slave


We as humans never took it seriously, we simply thought of it as an issue somebody else would fix. We all knew that it would happen soon but not this soon. Nobody expected this so early in our existence as a species. It’s as if we woke up one morning and they were all gone, every single one of them without a trace, but where could they all be, where are all the trees?

St Petersburg rising star Sasha Balykova aka Errortica has announced her debut vinyl, Safely Stowed, for Parisian label and platform Les Yeux Orange. Featuring a wide range of club-ready tracks, backed up by a killer acid reinterpretation from Athens’s best Anatolian Weapons, our pick is the new age Italo stylings of ‘Master Slave’ which blends suspenseful synth pads with a rough 303 bassline and harmonic percussion lines.

Buy digital HERE and vinyl HERE.