Premiere: Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference


With knowledge comes the key to success. However, the definition of success is a variable to each and every man. On which path you choose to walk is entirely up to you, seek the wisdom to know the difference and you will do just fine. The fields might be greener on the other side of the distant hill, the path you may tread may be worn and tired, keep the faith, follow your soul and move on forward. 

Alinka's record label Twirl has been on a run of form as of late, it corresponds directly with her own musical output as a producer and DJ. Her recent mix for Ransom Note proved testament to that. The next release on the label comes from Ena Lind who delivers a jacked up assortment of house built straight for the club. Listen to 'The Wisdom To Know The Difference' below:

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