Premiere: Duncan Gray – 1983


I scarpered hastily, but the sirens never seemed far enough from earshot. My feet slipped on the dark grey gravel track, and I fell hard to my tired knees. Gaining cover from the parked car, catching my breath and working out where I could be safe, the thickening mist of my youth was soon to be complicit in my escape. 

Stepping away from the label day job, Duncan Gray delivers an EP for Marseille label The Exquisite Pain. With that title, the track unsurprisingly has a retro slant to it, with FM-style keys and live instrumentation. Full of synaptic high filters and distant guitars that hang then soar, the unmistakeable bass of Mister Gray drives this curious musical timepiece. Simple oriental-flavoured melodies and pitch bent joystick waggles, the beautiful and poignant detail belies its subtle menace.

Duncan Gray – Broontoon EP is released by The Exquisite Pain Recordings on 3rd October 2016. Look HERE for further details.

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