Premiere: Duke Slammer – Bangkok Skytrain (Cosmic Pint Glass)


If you owned your very own flying train, where would you go? For us, there are far too many places to visit in just one night so we'd have to plan a cosmic road trip. Of course, provided that all the safety features were in place it's fairly safe to say that most of us would love to head to the moon, to Mars and beyond. However, once you've explored this universe – and any others that you're able to visit safe in the knowledge that you can one day return – all that leaves to be done is travel the globe in style.

We'd recommend stopping off in Bangkok, as that seems to be what all the tourists are doing nowadays. You can see all the sights as the train is parked safely above the heads of the unaware Thai masses and groups of teenage 'lads' who are on 'a bit of a big one'. The perfect soundtrack for this journey? Well, you surely should have guessed by now that it's this new beauty from Duke Slammer;

Duke Slammer's Bangkok Skytrain EP is out on 4th September via Cosmic Pint Glass.